You may be familiar with the phrase ‘The bookie always wins’. This is true 95% of the time in my opinion, however many opportunities present themselves to change this if you are clever enough to spot them.

The average gambler/punter will place many bets during the course of a normal week, but few of them understand fully the concept of Value. This underpins everything that provides profit to just a few percent of us. If you place a series of bets over the Long-term and are constantly taking a price that is smaller than the real chance of success, you lose. Similarly if you always get a better price that the chance dictates, you will win over time.

Matched betting is a concept that has been around a while, however few of us seem to take full advantage. In a nutshell this involves opening a betting account in order to receive the standard ‘Free bet’. Many sites will offer something along the lines of 100% matched free on your first deposit. You then endeavour to use these free bets to lock in a guaranteed profit regardless of the result of an event. Allow me to furnish you with a simple example…

Popular bookmakers Paddypower and Betvictor are currently both offering a £50 Matched Free bet. For the sake of this example I am going to concentrate betting on a couple of Tennis matches. Murray v Federer and Djokevic v Nadal. These provide an easy example as both matches have players almost equal in ability and therefore odds. 스포츠토토

Firstly I open a new Betvictor account and deposit £50. I then place a £50 bet on Murray to win at 10/11 (potential return £95)

I then open a Paddypower account and deposit £50. I place this £50 on Federer to win also at 10/11 (potential return £95)

You’ll notice that the total outlay is £100 with a potential return on either result just £95. This is of course where the lovely Bookie usually makes his money. It’s called the overround and it guarantees him his few % profit regardless of the result.

However! If you remember we have received a £50 Free matched bet from each of the 2 bookmakers we signed up to. Granted these are not as good as real cash yet as they cannot be withdrawn, although what would happen if we now use them betting on the Djokevic v Nadal game?

Lets stick our Paddypower Free bet on Djokevic at 10/11 and our Betvictor Free bet on Nadal at the same price. One of these is going to win obviously, so we will get back £45 from the winning bet (original free bet stake is often not included in profits) add that to the £95 we returned from the earlier match and we have turned our £100 into £140 with about 5 minutes effort.

While this is an extremely basic example it does show you what can be achieved with the minimum amount of effort. Just recently I managed to sign up for 3 new bookmakers I had never previously used. I got a free £30 from one £25 from another and £40 from the third. Using a quick bit of arithmetic I managed to split my betting successfully between the 3 possible outcomes of 2 football matches and walk away with a profit of around £65. This took me no more than 15 minutes. With literally dozens of on-line bookies offering free bets and bonuses on sign-up you could easily make hundred, even thousands of pounds with this method alone.


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