Male Lee Joseph and female Kang Kyung-min, handball regular league MVPs, start the post season on May 1st

The regular league is over. Now it’s ‘Spring Handball’. The 2022-2023 season SK Handball Korea League regular league, which lasted for six months, has come to an end. It started with a men’s match in November of last year and ended with a women’s match on the 16th. In the men’s division, the ‘strongest’ Doosan has reached the top again this time for eight consecutive seasons. In the women’s division, Samcheok City Hall won the championship for the second consecutive time. The two teams go straight to the championship match, waiting for the final opponent. 먹튀검증

The postseason begins on May 1st. A playoff (PO) will be held between the second place in the men’s division, Incheon City Corporation and the third place, Hanam City Hall. If the 2nd place team wins, it’s over, and if the 3rd place team wins, they will face off again two days later. On the same day, the women’s postseason also begins. On May 1, SK Sugar Gliders in 3rd place and Busan Facilities Corporation in 4th place will hold a semi-PO. The winning team will play PO with the second place Gwangju Urban Corporation two days later. The long-awaited championship match is announced on May 5, 7, and 9. 2 out of 3 wins.

Meanwhile, the regular league MVP has been confirmed. In the men’s division, Sangmu Lee Joseph, who ranked first in attack points, was selected. Joseph Lee posted 147 points and 123 assists in 20 games. As a result of the reporters’ vote, he received 10 votes, beating Kim Dong-wook, Jeong Su-young, and Shin Jae-seop (7 votes above). In the women’s division, Kang Kyung-min (Gwangju City Corporation) is the main MVP. He delivered 195 points and 109 assists in 21 games. He scored an overwhelming attack point. Kang Kyung-min received 17 votes.


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