Lotte Pitching Team, ‘Pleasant song.. Coach Kim Hyun-wook’s training that is not over yet’ 2023 Scam 

The training of coach Kim Hyun-wook, who knocked down Han Hyun-hee the day before, is not over yet.

The 2023 Lotte Guam Spring Camp, which started in the morning as usual, the pitching team players started the day by running under the guidance of coach Kim Hyun-wook. Unlike yesterday, instead of running normally, they paired up to exchange the ball and matched their breath. Athletes who digest training by adding irregularities. 카지노

After the run, base cover defense training was conducted, and special training was added at the end of the afternoon. In the running and defense training, the players were relatively relaxed and showed smiles, but in the afternoon training, the laughter disappeared. However, Lotte fans are reassured by the guidance of coach Kim Hyeon-wook, who is full of fighting spirit, and the players who do not show any signs of difficulty.


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