Lifestyle of Zlatan Lim Seong-jin in Haso-dong, Jecheon

Lim Seong-jin was a promising volleyball player who had been active as the main axis of the team since his amateur days. Lim Seong-jin, who led the team to victory several times in his high school stage, boasted excellent skills even after entering Sungkyunkwan University in 2018. He received the 2018 College Volleyball League Rookie of the Year award and foreshadowed the collegiate league ranking. Because he was a cotyledon that was so promising, there were no professional teams that would wait for him to graduate from college. In the end, he participated in the 2020-2021 rookie draft as an early draftee and wore the Korea Electric Power uniform as the second overall pick. Lim Seong-jin, who is in his 3rd season, is showing growth and development as a professional player accumulates years of experience. Now, it has become a key player of KEPCO. Lim Seong-jin, who received a lot of attention since her school days and had various interviews, but <The Spike> found out information about another unknown Im Seong-jin through Lifestyle.

First of all, let’s say hello to the fans.
hello. I am Sungjin Lim of the KEPCO Big Storm volleyball team.

This is my first meeting with <The Spike> in just one year. After the 2021-2022 All-Star Game, we had an interview via video call.
Actually, I didn’t know it was that old, but thank you for coming back (laughs).

Do you know what type of interview the lifestyle is?
yes i know I’ve seen (Yang) Heejun’s interview before.

This interview is time to learn about the human Lim Seong-jin, excluding volleyball. Since he became a professional player, has he ever conducted an interview on a topic other than volleyball?
Almost none. During the interview, the volleyball topic was not left out. I wonder what kind of questions will come out (laughs). 

I’m closest to Ji-han, but I can’t

relate to her younger sister. Please explain the look you’re wearing .
In the past, she dressed up a lot when wearing private clothes, but she gradually found more comfortable clothes. Among many clothes, she often wears a hooded T-shirt. So she came dressed like that this time too.

What is her favorite style of clothing?
First of all, I like to wear things that are comfortable and look like they are not decorated or not. This is the so-called Kuanku style.

The last time the 99’s members (including regular friends) got together.
The season is in full swing, so it’s been a long time since we all met together. It was not easy to set the date. Still, if I have friends on the opposing team, I can see them briefly after the game and rest until the next day. It seems that all friends can meet together only after the season is over.

Representative 99s members include Lim Dong-hyuk, Park Gyeong-min, and Kim Ji-han.
What if I don’t (laughs). If I had to pick one, it would be Donghyuck. You may not believe it, but if I had to pick him, I would choose Donghyuk. And Jihan will never do that. You look good. That’s why I think it’s difficult for my younger brother because he’s so popular.

In an interview with Kim Ji-han last month, he said Im Seong-jin as the closest player among the 99s, is that true?
that’s right. I’ve known Ji-han since I was very young, and I was with KEPCO. We shared a room at the time. We were close before, but we became closer when we were on the same team. We also get to know each other a lot.

What is Seongjin Lim’s MBTI?
ISTP. He was originally an ISFP. A while ago, I thought I’d try it for the first time in a while, so I tried it again, but a T came out. But I like F better (laughs). (The reason is.) People didn’t like T very much because they couldn’t relate. Actually, even when F came out before, I tend to talk realistically rather than sympathize, so I thought, ‘I don’t think it’s F’ (laughs). Looking at the results, T was 53% and F was 47%. But the rest of I, S, and P were close to 100%.

When gathering with friends, do you tend to follow rather than lead?
When we get together after the season, we don’t ask where or when to meet first. Our kids are all spontaneous. If you take the MBTI test, everyone will get a P.

Is the house good or is it good to walk around?
Until I first joined the pro team, I tried to go out even if I didn’t have an appointment when I was resting, but I think it gradually changed from the beginning of last year. I like to just lie down at the dorm, and I like to watch dramas or movies while eating delicious food.

Your own small but sure happiness.
After working out in the morning, (Park) Cheol-woo hyung, (Kim) Kwang-guk hyung, (Park) Chan-woong hyung, and (Jeong) Seong-hwan hyung go to a cafe and spend time talking. But these days, the days are getting colder, so only Chanwoong hyung and Seonghwan hyung go. The other hyungs sleep in the dorm (laughs).

If there is a treasured item that you always carry with you.
A fan gave me an AirPods Max headset as a gift, and I use it a lot. Especially on the bus to the stadium, I always use it. Until now, I used AirPods, but I’m using them, and my ears don’t hurt, and it’s nice. But since it’s a headset, there’s something uncomfortable when leaning on it.

Haso-dong, who dribbled across Jecheon,
Im Seong-jin Did you enjoy campus life while attending Sungkyunkwan University? no. I didn’t enjoy it. It’s unfortunate, but I think it can’t be helped because I have to exercise. (If you didn’t exercise, what you wanted to do the most during college life.) Everyone talks a lot about MT. So, if I hadn’t exercised, I wouldn’t have gone to MT. I wonder what kind of atmosphere it is. What is your most memorable moment in college?

I really only have exercise. Because I exercised and played every day. From March to September-October, the league continued, so I couldn’t play much. Still, I remember going to the PC room with my friends after exercising.

What kind of games do you usually play in the PC room?
I played LoL and Battlegrounds for a long time. These days, I don’t go to PC rooms, and I play a game called ‘Rollto Chess’ on my cell phone. I play with KEPCO players (laughs). Originally, there were only 5-6 people, but even those who had never played the game tried it once and fell in love with it, so now they do almost all of them. (His skills on his team.) (Shin) Young-seok and his older brother tease me every day.

Is there anything else you want to try besides volleyball?
As a kid, he wanted to play soccer and these days he wants to try baseball or basketball. I played soccer a lot since I was young. Football is the easiest way to get in touch. Before I started playing volleyball, it was my daily life to gather with the kids on the playground after class at school and play soccer. (My nickname in the neighborhood at the time.) I was a bit tall, so I went around calling myself Zlatan Ibrahimovic (laughs). It was Haso-dong Zlatan. Self-proclaimed, of course. Still, I can say it with my own mouth, but I played soccer well (laughs).

What is your favorite drama or movie?
The drama is an overseas version of ‘Paper House’. I really enjoyed it. When it comes to Marvel movies, I always watch them. I like movies with heroes. (My favorite hero in Marvel is.)Iron Man. Even when Iron Man and Captain America fought in Marvel, I was on Iron Man’s side. But when I saw Captain America win, I thought, ‘This isn’t good enough’ (laughs).

What’s your favorite food?
I don’t usually like or hide anything, but beef is delicious.

If there is a dish that you are confident in.
I did it a few times with my mom when I was little, but I forgot everything. Now, I can cook ramen deliciously (laughs).

Among YouTube, Instagram, and KakaoTalk, which apps are you using the most?
KakaoTalk is used the most, followed by Instagram and YouTube. In the past, I really only watched YouTube, but these days, when I go to Instagram, there are so many interesting things. When I look at it, time goes by quickly and I watch more Instagram than YouTube. (The YouTuber I enjoyed the most when watching YouTube is.) There is a game YouTuber called ‘Kim Seongtae TV’, but I was really into it when I was playing the PUBG game, so I watched it a lot. So, while playing games, I also copied buzzwords frequently used by YouTubers (laughs). 

Words that I never get tired of hearing: “ You’re handsome.” In an interview last year, I said that actress Da-mi Kim was my ideal type.

At that time, it was because I was into the drama ‘That Year, We’. I don’t have an external ideal type right now, I like someone who is playful and active. I’m a talkative and boring person, so if I don’t talk, my girlfriend won’t have much fun, so I’d rather have a playful and lively personality.

If you had children later, how many would you like to have?
I guess I should ask my future wife first (laughs). Still, to talk about my romance, I want to have a son and a daughter.

What restaurants do you recommend?
When I first came to KEPCO, (Park) Tae-hwan took me to a galbi restaurant called ‘Paldeok Restaurant’ that his brother had, and I really enjoyed it. Gondrebab and back ribs are served, and they are delicious. It’s such a famous restaurant that you have to make a reservation.

Here’s a really simple question. Do you know if you are handsome?
I think it’s because everyone around me says that. (Last year, I said that I looked not bad.) These days, I think I’m too humble, so I’m thinking about going out strong and having fun (laughs). That’s why when the hyungs jokingly say ‘handsome’, I reply ‘I know’.

Between handsome, cute, and sexy, the best words to hear are.
It’s all good, but he’s handsome (laughs). Honestly, this is a good word for anyone to hear and keep listening to.

How do you relieve yourself when you are stressed?
I’m not really trying to solve it. I just don’t think about it at all. If you say that volleyball is stressful, I don’t think about volleyball at all outside of volleyball time. Watching funny videos and eating delicious food made me feel better. 

Balance game! Hanging out with the older brothers vs hanging out with the juniors.
Stay with your brothers. Ever since I was little, I liked playing with my brothers. I guess it was good to be a younger brother among older brothers.

If there is something you must do during the day.
to drink water There are always 2-3 boxes of sky barley in the dorm. Before going to bed, take one and keep it by your side and drink it all the time.

If I were given a month’s vacation from now.
I want to go to Japan. The distance is close and it’s easy to come and go. I went to Japan for a week when I was in elementary school and I really liked it. So I want to go there again. 안전놀이터

What is the final goal you want to achieve as a human Seongjin Lim, not a volleyball player?
After I retire from volleyball, I want to live in peace. I’ve lived my whole life in competition. Of course, I can’t continue to live like that because I have to earn money, but I want to retire and live a peaceful life even for a short while.

I did an interview without volleyball.
In the meantime, I’ve had a lot of interviews with the theme of volleyball, but since I did the interview without volleyball in a different way, I thought about it again and it was a new and interesting interview.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to ask your fans?
The season is just around the corner, but even during our 9th consecutive loss, we didn’t give up and supported us until the end. If you support us until the end, we will continue to show you how to win. thank you


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