‘Lee Kyung-gyu’s son-in-law’ Kim Yeong-chan, “showing my father a wonderful figure”

Young-chan Kim (30), defender of Gyeongnam FC in the K-League 2 professional football team, is ‘Lee Kyung-kyu’s son-in-law’.온라인카지노

A veteran professional player who debuted in Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2013, he married Lee Ye-rim (29), the only daughter of Lee Kyung-gyu, a broadcaster of “Entertainment Godfather,” at the end of 2021.

Having played for Gyeongnam since 2021 and celebrating his third season, he is determined to lead the team to promotion to the first division this year and show the appearance of a wonderful son-in-law.

Kim Young-chan met with reporters on the 15th in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, where the Gyeongnam athletes are training.

Kim Young-chan said, “My father doesn’t put pressure on me. After the game, he says something like, ‘You did a good job.'”

He said, “I think being my father’s son-in-law is an opportunity to let people know more about me. Among the K-League fans, there will be people who didn’t know me before, so I’m grateful.” told

“I respect my father who is always sincere and constantly strives to develop and thinks a lot about work,” he said.

Kim Young-chan only played in 21 games, about half of the league schedule last season.

This is due to alternating injuries to his calf muscles on both sides.

Kim Young-chan confessed, “During winter training, my condition was so good that I thought, ‘It’s going to be great,’ but it was the first time I suffered a muscle injury, which also affected my mentality. I tried to come back quickly, but I couldn’t help the team because of poor performance.” .

Even at the beginning of this training, the left calf was not good. It is said that he is not impatient and is gradually recovering and raising his body.

He said, “I listen to the know-how of those who have experienced injuries around me and try not to get hurt as much as possible.”

Next, Kim Young-chan said, “The players are preparing for the season in a good atmosphere,” and revealed his goal, “I want to reduce the number of points lost and accumulate a lot of points from the beginning to achieve promotion.”

His father-in-law, Lee Gyeong-gyu, has a special affection for soccer to the extent that he has been broadcasting the World Cup since the 1998 French tournament.

For such craftsmen, Kim Young-chan is aiming for the ‘Taegeuk mark’.

He has been selected as a youth representative, but has no experience in selecting an adult representative.

Kim Young-chan said, “Like all players, I always dream of the national team. I thought it would be cool for my father to come to see me playing in the national team game, so my blurred dreams became clearer.” If you take it step by step, I think the opportunity will come.”


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