Lee Jun-young is the KIA Tigers Unsung Hero again this year

Lee Jun-young (30) is the unsung hero of the KIA Tigers mound this season. 

The KIA bullpen recorded a team average ERA of 3.42 as of the 3rd, and is in third place among 10 clubs. It is a team that has Jeong Hae-young, who recorded 30 saves for two consecutive years, and Jang Hyun-sik, the 2021 season hold king (34). There is also Jeon Sang-hyun, who performed the role of finishing pitcher. 온라인카지노

Jung Hae-Young has been somewhat stagnant this season. Because his speed and pitch were lower than before, he underwent condition management at Future Steam for over a month after starting on May 30th. Jang Hyun-shik also fell short of expectations, recording an average ERA of 4 points (4.43). 

Instead, Choi Ji-min, who gained real-world experience in the Australian Professional Baseball League last winter and improved his four-seam fastball (fastball) speed, rose to the role of setup man, and Lim Ki-young, who was pushed back in the 5th starting competition, performed both long reliever and winning team duties, struggled, and had a relatively solid waist. was able to build 

Here, Lee Joon-young’s distinguished service cannot be left out. He recorded the most appearances (34) by the team’s bullpen in three days. He mainly came to the mound when the left-handed slugger line started, and was tasked with breaking the opponent’s offensive flow. Lee Jun-young’s batting average against left-handed batters this season is only 0.155. 

The indicators that can evaluate the real contribution of the bullpen pitcher are also observed. Lee Jun-young recorded an IRS (on-base runner-up rate) of 0.269 this season. This is a record that ranks third among nine league bullpen pitchers with 25 or more bases. This means that there have not been many cases in which runners often allowed runs to increase the pitcher’s ERA in front. 

The ERA management was also excellent. Lee Jun-young recorded an average ERA of 1.34 this season. He also left good grades last season (2022) as 2 points (2.91), showing more solid pitching. Among league bullpen pitchers who pitched in at least 30 games this season, pitchers with an average ERA of 1 are Ham Deok-joo (1.15, LG Twins), Park Young-hyeon (1.98, KT Wiz), Seo Jin-yong (1.31, SSG Landers), Choi Ji-min (1.66, KIA), and There are only 5 Lee Joon-young. 

Lee Jun-young often appeared in tight situations and situations that did not meet the hold requirements and performed his duties. Holds are 6 for 3 days. The gap with Noh Gyeong-eun (SSG), who placed first in the league in this category (17), is 11. Compared to other pitchers on the team, there are many times when he is not noticed. However, the team contribution that is not revealed in the record is very high. Lee Jun-young is such a pitcher. 

Weakness against right-handed hitters is a homework that needs to be improved. Last season his batting average was not bad at 0.288, but this season it is 0.381. He needs to reduce the left-right deviation in order to completely block 1 inning.


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