Lee Jae-moon & Shin Woo-bin’s explosive ending. Lost in the quarterfinals of the Busan Open

The winning streak between Lee Jae-moon and Shin Woo-bin, who made a surprise sensation at the Busan Open Challenger and reached the semifinals in doubles, has come to an end.

Lee Jae-moon and Shin Woo-bin lost to second-seeded Evan King and Rhys Stalder (USA) 3-6 3-6 in 54 minutes in the semifinal match held at Spoone Tennis Court in Busan on the 13th. 안전놀이터

At the beginning of the first set, Lee Jae-moon missed his own game as a love game in the 5th game, which was 2-2, while protecting each other’s service game. After the search battle was over, King and Stalder’s return aces burst out in succession. 

Also, as Stalder was agile in front of the net, he failed to seize the proper opportunity. Even in the last ninth game, Lee Jae-moon missed his own game.

At the beginning of the second set, there was a possibility that the atmosphere would reverse as they exchanged games with each other. However, the 6th game was broken again at 2-3, and the game was decided.

The doubles final will be held after the singles final on the 14th. 4th seed Max Purcell and Rubin Statham (both from Australia) will face off against Evan King and Rhys Stalder.


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