Lee Doo-ho only scored 5 points, but why did Dankook University coach Seok Seung-ho praise him?

Dankook University defeated

Chosun University 83-64 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League South University match held at the Chosun University Gymnasium on the 4th.

The number one contributor to victory was Song Jae-hwan. He led the team’s offense by scoring 13 points in the first quarter alone. Seongho Na also helped the team win by recording a total of 19 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.

However, after the match, Seok Seung-ho, head coach of Dankook University, selected Lee Doo-ho, not the two players, as the Distinguished Player. Coach Seok said, “(Lee) Doo-ho played the game with dedication. He said he was fine with coming off the bench and that he would take on any role as long as it helped the team. He said, “He did his part well enough today.”

Lee Doo-ho only scored 5 points. All attempted shots missed. However, he actively attacked under the goal and induced the opponent’s foul. As a result, he made 6 free throws and made 5 of them. He was also dedicated on defense, grabbing 8 rebounds, the most on the team. Also, he tried to post up often, but he didn’t overdo it. Invite the opponent’s help defense, and then lead the team’s offense through an appropriate pass. He displayed his versatility, recording three assists.

In a phone interview with this magazine, Lee Doo-ho said, “There were games that went well and games that didn’t work out. He did not have any Yatoo success today. He didn’t go in, so I put more energy into my body. But rather than thinking like that, he thinks that good plays will come out if his teammates see him, pass them, rebound them, and defend them. There were a lot of defensive misses today. I will pay more attention in the future,” he said, expressing his feelings and commitment to victory.

On this day, Lee Doo-ho actively attempted a post-up. In response, Lee Doo-ho said, “I took a lot of positions in the post-up. He didn’t attack because he overdid it at the time. When the help defense came, he saved a chance through a pass. In addition, he focused on rebounding and defense.” 카지노사이트

Afterwards, when I asked Lee Doo-ho why he played post-up, he said, “I practiced post-up a lot since winter training. At first, I couldn’t even attack myself, but as I did a lot, I saw chances on the outside. If you see it, give it right away. So it seems to work out well. These days, I have a lot of good opportunities, so I am solving the game through passing.”

And when I told Coach Seok’s words to Lee Doo-ho, he said, “I don’t care whether I start as a starter or from the bench. I’m just going in and doing my own thing.”


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