LeBron James, who led the team to 7th in the West: “Right now we’re in a good position, but…”

James’ performance moved the Lakers up to 7th in the West.

The Los Angeles Lakers won 123-111 in a match against the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at the US Target Center on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time). They are spurting at the end of the season with 5 wins and 1 loss in the last 6 games.

The game did not go well from the beginning. In the first quarter, Mike Beasley’s three 3-pointers led the way and played an equal game. Although the first quarter ended with a score of 27-29, it was not pushed back in the battle for atmosphere. However, in the 2nd quarter, Carl Anthony Towns and Rudy Gobert’s ‘Twin Towers’ could not be controlled and gave off the atmosphere. The first half ended 65-55.

Still, the Lakers players did not give up. In the 3rd quarter, he controlled the opponent’s attack with strong defense. He gave only 18 points. On the contrary, in the attack, Anthony Davis scored evenly. As a result, they succeeded in reversing 4 minutes and 19 seconds before the end of the third quarter, and the score gap widened further. In particular, Davis scored 17 points in the fourth quarter to take over the game. It was the Lakers who succeeded in such a winning streak.

It was the Lakers who rose to 7th in the West by winning the game that day. In response, LeBron James (203cm, F) expressed his satisfaction by saying, “Now we are in a good position” through an interview with ‘Spectrum Sportsnet’ after the game.

“But we still have schedules left. We have to do our best for the rest of the season. That is why we are looking forward to the next match.” 카지노사이트

The Lakers, on the rise, will play the Houston Rockets on the 3rd. If they win the game on this day, they can narrow the gap with Golden State in 6th place. The Lakers now have just five games left in the regular season. Can the Lakers continue their recent upswing and go higher for the rest of the season?


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