Leading Race LG vs. Doosan on the Rise “Weekend 3 Series Big Bang”

Until last June, this season’s professional baseball LG and Doosan seemed to have little contact in the pennant race ranking fight. By the time LG ended June as the leader with a win rate of 0.639 (46 wins, 2 draws, 26 losses), Doosan was in 6th place with a win rate of 0.478 (33 wins, 1 draw and 36 losses).

However, since July, the two teams have moved considerably closer on the leaderboard. The gap between the two teams, which was 11.5 games from the starting line in July, has decreased to 4.5 games as of the 26th. LG is in the lead, but while it stagnated with 3 wins and 7 losses in July, Doosan followed closely with 11 wins and 1 loss during the same period.온라인카지노

The two teams will face off for the first time in the second half for three days starting on the 28th.

Even in the first half, the difference in strength was revealed in the face-to-face match as much as the difference in win rate between the two teams. In 7 matches, LG dominated with 5 wins and 2 losses. On June 18, in Jamsil, LG defeated Doosan 15-3. From Doosan’s point of view, it was also the ‘worst game’ since Lee Seung-yeop took over as coach in the 2023 season.

With nine games left until the end of the season, the two teams are expected to rise to the ‘scales of power’ with a different feeling from this three-game series. This is because while LG was slowing down, Doosan raised its win rate and succeeded in power upgrades.

Any team can change the flow if they have a winning series. LG can push Doosan a few steps back in the lead fight if it finishes this three-game series with more than 2 wins and 1 loss. On the contrary, if Doosan succeeds in the winning series against LG, it can prepare a foothold to enter the lead fight in earnest.

The starting rotation was also roughly predicted. LG is expected to start a three-game series in the order of Lee Ji-gang and Adam Plutko, with foreign pitcher Casey Kelly aiming for a rebound. Doosan will start with Raul Alcantara, followed by Kim Dong-ju and Brandon Waddell. It is an interesting match-up, consisting of two face-to-face matches between foreign pitchers and one 5-starter matchup.

In fact, there is a high possibility that the match between the two teams will be overshadowed by the ‘strength of the batting line’. LG seems to be worried about the recent weakness of the starting lineup, but in reality, the offensive power, which used to be powerful, has recently stagnated and is missing close games. Even until last June, LG was by far the top overall with a team OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.771, but since July, it has been sitting down to ninth place with a team OPS of 0.663. LG boasted the power of the batting line with a team batting average of 0.315 and a team OPS of 0.884 in seven confrontations with Doosan earlier, but it seems that the priority is to connect the flow.

Doosan’s recent run was the rebound of other lines. Doosan, which showed bottom hitting indicators after the opening, had a streak of victories in July, and the batting average came back to life with a team batting average of 0.283 and a team OPS of 0.810. After the winning streak ended in ’11’, it is inevitable to see how the other line cycle will appear as we play 3 consecutive games with LG. Where will LG and Doosan reach the end of this season? This three-game series seems to be a kind of trailer.


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