LAA and no extensions? Agent “Ohtani deserves FA rights”

In the end, is it a transfer instead of a stay? The agent of Ohtani Shohei (29, Los Angeles Angels), who had only one season left before acquiring a free agent (free agent), declared, “Ohtani deserves free agency rights.”메이저사이트

Ohtani’s agent, Nezu Valero of CAA Sports, said in an interview with ESPN in the United States on the 21st (Korean time) that Ohtani “deserves free agency rights.”

Ohtani, who signed with the Los Angeles Angels in 2018 and debuted in the major leagues (MLB), can qualify for free agency after the end of this season. Of course, before becoming a free agent, he could reach an agreement with his current team, the Angels, and sign an extension contract. Mike Trout of the same team had already signed a long-term extension contract with the club and declared the ‘Lifetime Angels’. In a recent interview, Trout declared, “I will do everything I can to ensure that Ohtani remains on the team.”

However, contrary to Trout’s wishes, Ohtani is likely to look around the market at this point. Valero said that he was “always open” to extending his contract with the Angels, but emphasized that he had the right to enter the free agency market, saying, “Ohtani deserves free agency after this season.”

ESPN said, “When the reporters asked, ‘Does it mean that extending the contract during spring camp is difficult?’ Valero said, ‘I’ll say it again, but I can only use one day a day (I’ll do it as it is). I won’t tell you the truth.'”

Ohtani is undeniably the biggest language in the Stove League. As he doubled as a pitcher for two consecutive years, he imprinted throughout MLB that he was an MVP (Most Valuable Player) player. Aaron Judge, who competed with him for MVP, chose to stay with the Yankees. Manny Machado (San Diego Padres) and Julio Urias (LA Dodgers) are considered second only to Ohtani as the greatest pitching player, but Ohtani is incomparable in terms of value as he has performed at the level of the two combined. Local media have already predicted that he will sign an unprecedented $500 million contract.

Although Ohtani has a year left until free agency, each club is already being discussed as a recruit candidate. The Dodgers and the New York Mets, who are ‘big hands’, are considered as strong candidates, and the Angels, who are wealthy in finances, are also expected to be able to win large contracts.

The problem is grades. The Angels have advanced to fall baseball only once in the past 13 years. He hasn’t played since 2015, and Ohtani hasn’t experienced it since joining in 2018. Ohtani himself has a burning desire for the postseason and championships. It is a factor that the Angels lag behind competitors with both grades and finances.

Of course, the agent said grades were not a prerequisite. “Ohtani is a competitive player, and like all great players, he wants to play in the postseason and experience a World Series win,” Valero said. I will wait for a while,” he said.

Valero continued, “Ohtani has been with the Angels for five years, and this is his final year. With FA ahead, there will be a lot of questions about what he wants and what he will do,” he said. He said he would focus.


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