KT’s Hyeong-Jun So, who became a ‘role model’, “Welcome Sang-Hyun Won to our team.”

Right-handed pitcher Won Sang-hyeon (Busan High School), who was called up by the KT Wiz, excitedly expressed his desire to become like his ‘role model’ So Hyeong-jun (KT).메이저놀이터

Won Sang-hyun was selected by KT as the 7th overall pick in the first round in the 2024 rookie draft held at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul on the 14th.

Won Sang-hyun went up to the podium and wore the uniform given to him by KT general manager Na Do-hyun.

As the moment he had always dreamed of became a reality, Won Sang-hyeon’s tension grew even more. Won Sang-hyeon stopped talking several times and could not hide his trembling heart.

Won Sang-hyun said, “I’m really happy to join the strong team KT,” and took a breath while saying, “Oh my.”

Unlike the way he energetically sprayed the ball on the mound, laughter erupted in the stadium at the sight of Won Sang-hyun being so nervous that his inner thoughts were revealed without any filtering.

In a trembling voice, Won Sang-hyeon said, “I was finishing up my first year of high school, and when I saw KT senior So Hyun-jun, I realized I wanted to be a starter. Like senior So Hyun-jun, I want to become a player who represents the team and the league in the future.” I received applause.

‘Senior’ So Hyeon-jun also expressed his welcome towards the junior’s sincerity.

Hyun Joon said through the club, “I’m probably nervous, but I’m grateful and honored that my name was mentioned in such a big event. I hope to join the team in the future, train and compete together, and move forward together to win another championship. Welcome to KT. “He cheered for his junior’s new start.

KT evaluated Won Sang-hyun as “a right-handed pitcher with excellent athletic ability, a fastball of up to 150 km per hour and a stable breaking ball, and he has excellent game management skills, including aggressive pitching from the mound.”


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