‘Kim Yuna’s Glory Reappearance’ Korean figure skating, now a team event… Departure for the ISU Team Trophy

The Korean national figure skating team aims to win the first ever medal in the ‘Team Trophy’ competition.

The national figure skating team, including Cha Jun-hwan, Lee Si-hyung (Korea University, men’s singles), Kim Ye-rim (Dankook University), Lee Hae-in (Sehwa Girls’ High School, Lee Sang women’s singles), held the 2022/23 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating World Team through Gimpo International Airport on the 11th. I left for Tokyo, Japan, where the trophy competition will be held.

Jo Hye-jin-Steven Adcock (pair), who competes in the pairs event, and Lim Hae-na-quan Ye (ice dance), who compete in ice dance, move directly from Canada to Japan.

The ‘Team Trophy’, which started in 2009, is a figure skating team event hosted by the ISU, and the six countries with the best results during the season participate. It is a biennial tournament held in Japan every year. Korea has experience participating in the team event at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, but this is the first time it has participated in the team trophy.

In the meantime, Korean figure skating has produced excellent results in men’s and women’s singles, but it has not produced clear results in team events such as pair and ice dance. However, it is evaluated that the national team’s competitiveness has improved in the team event since foreign players recently joined.

National Ice Dancer Lim Hae-na has dual citizenship of Canada and Korea, and her partner, Quan Ye, is a Chinese-Canadian. Those who wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time last season quickly improved their skills and won a silver medal at the ISU Junior World Championships last month.

Jo Hye-jin, who competes in the pairs event, is a Canadian-born athlete with dual citizenship. Adcock is of Canadian nationality. The two players who formed the team last year will make their international debut in the team trophy competition.

South Korea has high hopes for Cha Jun-hwan and Lee Hae-in, who both won silver medals at the Senior World Championships held last month.

Cha Jun-hwan, who is also the captain of the national team for this event, received a personal best score of 296.03 in the men’s singles at the world championships last month, becoming the first Korean male player to win a medal at the world championships. Lee Hae-in also won a silver medal in women’s singles at the same event with a personal best score of 220.94.

The team trophy determines the final ranking by adding up points for each event. In the case of men’s singles, where a total of 12 players participate, 2 from each country, the first place player in the short program gets 12 points and the second place player gets 11 points. Free skating also adds up points in the same way. As points are awarded to all players, all players must perform evenly.

The U.S., Japan, Canada, Italy and France will participate in this tournament.

The winning candidates are the United States and Japan. In the U.S., Ilya Malinin in the male singles quadruple axel, Jason Brown, a veteran, and Isavo Levito in the female singles were named in the entry.

Japan, where men’s singles leader Shoma Uno withdrew, will challenge Kaori Sakamoto, the world champion in women’s singles at the World Championships.

In the previous tournament, Russia, which received 125 points, overtook the United States (110 points) to win. Russia, which was punished for invading Ukraine, will not be able to compete in this year’s tournament, while Korea, Canada, Italy and France will likely compete for the third place. 먹튀검증

The competition, which starts on the 13th, lasts for four days. On the first day of the competition, ice dance, rhythm dance and men’s and women’s single short programs will be held.


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