Kim Young-taek placed 11th on the diving platform… Australian Rousseau Blocks China’s Gold Sweep

Kim Young-taek (Jeju Provincial Office), the second of the ‘Three Diving Brothers’, finished the final stage of the World Aquatics Championships, where he participated for the first time in his life, in 11th place.

Kim Young-taek ranked 11th out of 12 players with a total of 405.85 points in the 1st to 6th periods in the men’s 10m diving men’s 2023 Fukuoka International Swimming Federation World Championships held at a swimming pool in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan on the 22nd.온라인카지노

He was the best diver in the world, at least in his third performance, although he did not break into the world’s top 10.

He scored 97.20 points by performing 207B with a difficulty level of 3.6, ‘standing backwards, running forward, stretching his legs, and turning 3 and a half times in a pike position with both hands wrapped around him’.

It was the highest score among all the players who participated in the 3rd period alone.

However, it failed to continue its upward trend, and the ranking fell in the 4th and 5th periods, and the final 6th period only added 49.30 points due to a mistake in acquisition.

Kim Young-taek, who secured the right to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics by placing 8th out of 18 players who participated in the semi-finals the previous day, gained experience to compete on the world stage.

Kim Young-taek, whom we met after the game, said, “I was very nervous and nervous when I went to the finals for the first time.

Regarding his successful performance in the 3rd period, he said, “I did as I remembered when I went well in practice. I tried to follow the coach’s guidance well, so the score came out well.”

Kim Young-taek, who secured the right to participate in the Olympics in front of his mother, who came to see him, also expressed his desire to compete in the Olympics with his older brother Kim Young-nam and his younger brother Kim Young-ho, both active as divers.

Now, ahead of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, he said, “I want to show what I felt at the World Championships by going to Korea and training hard so that I can show a better appearance at the Asian Games.”

The Korean diving team, which completed all their schedules on the men’s 10m platform, will return to Korea on the 23rd.

Casiel Rousseau (Australia) scored 520.85 points, beating Lian Junjie (512.35 points) and Yang Hao (504.00 points, China) to become the new men’s 10m diving champion.

Rousseau, who had only won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games so far, created the biggest disturbance in this competition by beating the ‘world’s best diving’ Chinese divers one after another.

China, which swept 12 out of 13 gold medals in diving at this competition, missed the gold medal in this event alone.


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