Kim Min-jae’s ‘Munich debut’ against Manchester City on the 26th was canceled… Possibility of missing the entire tour

When will Kim Min-jae play his first game wearing a Bayern Munich uniform? First of all, this Asian tour looks difficult.온라인카지노

German media ‘Sport 1’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), ‘Bayern’s Kim Min-jae’s debut has been delayed. Bayern’s new face, Kim Min-jae, will have to wait a little longer to play his first match.

Sport 1 said, ‘We still have to be patient to see Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae, who will replace Luca Hernandez (transferred to Paris Saint-Germain), only started training last week. Until then, he had to do his military service in Korea,’ he explained.

From June 15th to July 6th, Minjae Kim entered the Army Training Center and received basic military training. Bayern officially announced the signing of Kim Min-jae on the 19th. It seems that Kim Min-jae arrived in Germany on the same day, joined the club, and began to rebuild his body.

Bayern will conduct an Asian tour through Japan and Singapore from the 26th. In Japan, we will play friendly matches against Manchester City on the 26th and Kawasaki Frontale on the 29th. On August 3, he moves to Singapore to face Liverpool. Returning to Germany, he will play his final pre-season game against AS Monaco on August 9th.

According to Sport 1, Kim Min-jae said, “I want to play in the game, but it’s better not to overdo it now. I’m trying to quickly improve my condition and stamina.”

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel also ruled out the possibility of Kim Min-jae. “It’s still too early for the game. I probably won’t play,” Tuchel said.

Since the Asian tour is only one week long, it is very unlikely that Kim Min-jae will make 100% of his body during this time. However, since the sense of practice is also important, a very short time input in the second half may be necessary.

Bayern’s official match for the 2023-2024 season will begin on August 13 with Leipzig and the German Super Cup. The first round of the Bundesliga is against Werder Bremen on August 19th.

Kim Min-jae is expected to play an active part as Bayern’s main center back along with Matteis Delicht, the Dutch national team. With the arrival of Kim Min-jae, it seems that French national team Dayo Upamecano will be pushed out as a backup.


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