“KIM is ‘bread’ for us”… Kim Min-jae ‘Bread Min-jae’, what does it mean?

 It was revealed that Napoli manager Luciano Spalletti handed over defender Kalidou Koulibaly to Chelsea and asked the club every day to select a defender.

The player in question was Kim Min-jae, who was playing for Turkiye Fenerbahce at the time.

On the 29th, according to Napoli’s local media, ‘Area Napoli’, coach Spalletti was very eager to recruit Kim Min-jae from Napoli general manager Cristian Giuntoli.

The media said, “Giuntoli’s performance in the transfer market was commendable. Maybe not Tanguy Ndombele (who moved from Tottenham), but Giuntoli has shown his ability. One of the best signings in Serie A beyond Napoli is It must be Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae erased the existence of Koulibaly in the hearts of fans.” 메이저놀이터

The newspaper claims that after Koulibaly was sold to Chelsea, he asked Giuntoli to pick Kim Min-jae every day.

Area Napoli said, “Spalletti said that we needed Kim Min-jae as if we needed bread.” “Negotiations with Kim Min-jae became more and more complicated, but thanks to Naples’ patience, the transfer was completed. Kim Min-jae came to Naples and was the most The one who was happy was Spalletti.”

The story of Spalletti’s admiration for Kim Min-jae is already famous.

Coach Spalletti also did not know Min-jae Kim at first, but it turned out that he learned about him and admired him while watching the video the club gave him.

Eventually, I fell in love with Kim Min-jae as ‘bread’. And the result is coming to Serie A championship in 33 years. This is because Kim Min-jae played a key role in Napoli’s Serie A victory.


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