Kim Han-byeol lost despite fighting spirit, BNK’s first win in the championship match is the next opportunity

BNK delayed its first chance to win in the championship match since its founding. 

Busan BNK Some lost 57-64 to Asan Woori Bank Woori WON in the 3rd game of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Championship held at Sajik Gymnasium on the 23rd. With this loss, BNK finished the season as runners-up. 

Founded in 2019, this is the first season that BNK has advanced to the championship match since its founding. Although they stepped on the playoff stage last season, they ended the season unfortunately by giving up two games to KB Stars. 토토사이트

BNK, which came back stronger this season and finished second in the regular league, captured the first playoff game against Samsung Life Insurance and won its first playoff victory. It was a playoff victory won in 4,011 days, including the predecessor KDB days. 

Riding on the momentum, BNK captured the second game as well, achieving the splendid feat of advancing to the first championship match since its founding. The opponent BNK faced in the championship match was Woori Bank, who finished the regular league in an overwhelming first place. 

BNK had an amazing chase in the 4th quarter of the 1st game and faced Woori Bank on an equal footing, but unfortunately lost. BNK, driven to the edge of the precipice after giving up the second game, even faced 33-38 in the first half in the third game held at home, but eventually lost the difference without being able to overcome the difference. 

Although they failed to win the championship match, the fighting spirit of the BNK players deserved applause. In particular, Kim Han-byeol suffered a twisted ankle injury during the second match, but showed fighting spirit by forcing herself to participate in the third match after taking painkillers. Although this fighting spirit did not lead to victory, BNK’s season deserved to be evaluated as successful enough. 


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