KIA 19-year-old Smile Guy breaks through the 7th inning wall…2nd Jang Won-Sam ‘looks promising’

Suddenly, he broke through the 7th inning wall. ’19-year-old Jang Won-sam’ appeared in KIA.

KIA’s ‘Smile Guy’ Yoon Young-chul (19) started against SSG in Gwangju on the 6th, giving up two runs on six hits in seven innings with two strikeouts and one walk to take his second loss of the season (three wins). Despite the loss, he lowered his ERA slightly from 2.95 to 2.89. The batting line-up managed just one run, so it was a pretty good performance.메이저사이트

SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol said, “I feel like I’m watching Jang Won-sam in his prime” when he watched Yoon Young-chul pitch this season. Jang Won-sam was a classic late-2000s-early-2010s pitcher with a fastball in the low 140s, but with a sharp command.

In other words, Lee Soon-cheol was a fan favourite. In real life, Yoon has shown the same extreme command in the pros that he showed in high school, focusing on his pitches and not worrying about the name value of the batter. A little more velocity would be nice, but he’s already good enough to pitch well.

On this day, he cooked the SSG batting line-up, which is at the top of the league, to perfection. SSG’s batting lineup traditionally has a lot of one-hit wonders, but Yoon was shaky but not broken. In the first inning, after back-to-back singles from Park Sung-hwan and Choi Jeong, he faced a slider from Ha Jae-hoon for a double. He tried to go for the body, but it was driven up the middle.

Importantly, he pitched flawlessly after that. He relied more on his slider and changeup than his fastball. He was never in any danger until the seventh inning, when he went seven innings on 99 pitches, his longest outing of his career.

Until this day, Yoon had only one quality start (1 run in 6 innings against Hanwha on 24 May). He had good command of his pitches at the high school level, which is still quite good for a rookie, but his velocity isn’t enough to overpower top-level hitters. His foul cuts have led to a high pitch count, and he hasn’t pitched many innings.

Commentator Lee Soon-cheol suggests that he needs to slow down the process of separating his hands from his glove once he’s in the pitching motion, so that he can gather power on the ball, and while this doesn’t happen overnight, we’ve seen Yoon make changes on his own. He adjusted his pitching tempo for a while and made some changes to his pitch design. It paid off in the seventh inning.

In nine games, Yoon is 3-2 with a 2.89 ERA. He hasn’t had much support from his batting lineup, but he’s always smiling. He is unbeatable in the rookie of the year race. He is the strongest of the five starters in the league. He is the strongest among the five starters in the league. The second Jang Won-sam has arrived in Gwangju. He is a treasure for KIA.


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