‘KBO nomination failure → SD surprise nomination’ The bond between two baseball boys who dreamed of Kim Ha-seong, Kiwoom’s next-generation shortstop who cheered for the US challenge “Finally, his efforts paid off.”

The San Diego Padres are preparing for the birth of the third Korean player following Park Chan-ho (50) and Kim Ha-seong (28).온라인카지노

San Diego designated Choi Byung-yong in the 20th round of the 2023 Major League Baseball Draft on the 13th (hereafter Korean time). In the United States, the name of the player is registered as BY Choi.

Choi Byung-yong, who graduated from Shinil High School, recorded an OPS of .774 with 1 home run and 14 RBIs in 23 games in 2020, a batting average of 2.8% (24 hits in 85 at-bats) in 2020, his junior season, and participated in the KBO 2021 rookie draft, but was not nominated. Afterwards, Choi Byung-yong, who moved to the United States and entered the New Mexico Military Institute and knocked on the door of the American stage, made a big success with a batting average of .448 (90 hits in 201 at-bats), 15 homers, 80 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.429 in 58 games this year. He succeeded in getting the San Diego nomination.

The San Diego Union Tribune, an American media outlet, said, “Choi Byung-yong is the only batter nominated on the last day of the draft. He hit 15 home runs in his sophomore season and posted a .448/.548/.881 slash line. This performance was enough to make San Diego pay attention to the 6-foot-3-inch (190 cm) infielder,” said the news of Choi Byung-yong’s nomination.

“He loves San Diego, and he loves Ha-Sung Kim,” said San Diego Vice President of Amateur and International Scouting Chris Kemp. He has a soft swing from the left side of the plate. He wanted to join our team. We think he will be able to succeed.”

Choi Byung-yong, who was nominated by San Diego while looking at Kim Ha-seong, played baseball at Shinil High School with Kim Hwi-jip, who is expected to be the next generation shortstop in Kiwoom, Kim Ha-sung’s original team. Kim Hui-jip was nominated in the 2nd first round (9th place) in the 2021 rookie draft, but Choi Byung-yong was not nominated.

Kim Hwi-jip said, “All of our friends thought (Choi Byung-yong) would be nominated. He did really well in high school. However, everyone regretted that he did not receive the nomination. I was really disappointed at that time, but it was a really good thing. suffered a lot I also watched this major league draft with care, but I was not selected until yesterday. I was going to check in this morning, but I was already contacted. It seems that the efforts have finally paid off. I congratulate Choi Byung-yong on the opportunity to challenge the major league stage,” he said.

Kim Hwi-jip, who talked about Choi Byung-yong, saying, “He has good hardware and is a friend who plays baseball very beautifully,” said, “I knew he would go pro because he was good at bat and defense. I think it’s because I couldn’t make an impact in my last year. He chewed up the college league this year,” he laughs.

Kim Hwi-jip joined Kiwoom as the next-generation shortstop following Kim Ha-seong, but he could not play with Kim Ha-seong. However, although my friend who went to the United States was in the minor leagues, he ended up playing for the same major league club as Kim Ha-seong.

“I went to see senior Kim Ha-seong before I did,” said Kim Hui-jip, who laughed and said, “It was really good. I have to play baseball with a bigger dream.”


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