Jeon Mi-re, who embraces the blue dragon, is it possible to ‘win the world championship + join Samsung’ like coach Lee Seung-yeop?

 The long and long schedule came to an end as the 78th Blue Dragon National High School Baseball Championship ended with Gyeongbuk High School winning.카지노사이트

The ‘MVP’ of the Blue Dragon Flag Championship, which brought cheers and tears to many youths, was the two-stroke all-rounder Jeon Mir. The name ‘Mir’ is a pure Korean name given because his father symbolized the blue dragon of ‘Left – Blue Dragon, Right – White Tiger’. Is it because of this? It is said that people around him admired him, saying, “It seems that Jeon Mir has a relationship with the Blue Dragon!”

Jeon Mi-re, who embraces ‘Blue Dragon Yeoui-ju’, reminds me of Lee Seung-yeop (Doosan director) 30 years ago.

Thirty years ago, Lee Seung-yeop, a high school student who led the team to win the Blue Dragon Flag Championship along with fellow teammates Kim Su-gwan (current Pocheol High School coach) and Lee Jun-ho (current Gyeongbuk High School coach), was a left-handed ace at the time. He is also highly valued for his talent as a pitcher in Samsung, and when he was nominated first, he was called ‘pitcher’. However, like the story of Kim Seung-gwan (currently coach of Daegu Sangwon High School), who was a trend rival at the time, his talent as a hitter was also unusual. He was literally the ‘original Ohtani’. He appeared as an ace and number 4 hitter, and showed his all-around mind-down side.

Since then, many two-way all-rounders have passed through Gyeongbuk High School, but they have not been able to lead them to win such a big tournament. Even though they won many championships at the Blue Dragon Flag Championship, Gyeongbuk High School was so thirsty for championships that the most recent championship was in 1993.

At that moment, the ace and number 4 hitter who occupied the number 1 uniform appeared. he is right in front Jeon Mi-re has already been consistently named as a first-rounder candidate throughout this season, but his talent peaked at this Blue Dragon Flag competition. He broke his own best speed as a pitcher (151 km), and as a hitter, he made the final two RBIs in the final and a come-from-behind final in the semifinal. It was a déjà vu, like watching the red-faced boy Lee Seung-yeop 30 years ago.

Prominent on both sides, Jeonmir is still undecided which way to turn pro. However, he did not hide his intention of wanting to decide his career path through careful inspection after his joining, or to become like Ohtani. He is evaluated as a talented person with good basics.

Now his eyes are naturally on the ‘Youth Team’ and ‘Pro nominations’. It remains to be seen if he will be able to catch the two rabbits of winning the world championship and joining his hometown team like Lee Seung-yeop 30 years ago. First of all, the chances are quite high right now.


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