Jeju’s “best atmosphere ever” and box office success

couldn’t be better. That’s how Jeju United have been described recently.

Jeju has overcome an early season slump to sit third in the K League 1 after 15 rounds. They have the same number of points as second-placed FC Seoul, but are narrowly below them on goal difference.

If their recent form is anything to go by, they have nothing to fear. They have six wins, one draw, and no losses in seven games. Even if you extend that to 10 games, they’ve picked up eight wins, one draw, and one loss. That’s a 180-degree turnaround from their opening five games, when they drew two and lost three in a row. Including the FA Cup, they’ve won seven and drawn one of their last eight games and 10 and drawn one of their last 12. They also reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. The race to qualify for the Asian Football Confederation Champions League next season is gaining momentum.먹튀검증

The team is in great spirits. Jeju head coach Nam Ki-il, who until last year faced major conflicts with his players due to his strong leadership style that dominated the squad, has changed the team’s culture with a move towards ‘footwork communication’. He is building a stronger team by abandoning his authority and approaching the players and actively communicating with the captain.

Despite the change to a softer leadership style, Nam is also strengthening his tactical and strategic skills. Despite the departure of key players such as In Ji-kyu and Yoon Beet-garam, their absence hasn’t been felt. With the right amount of mercenariness, perfect tactics and organisation, the team looks seamless across the defence.

Under Nam, Seo Jin-soo has become the team’s ace in the hole, while young midfielders like Kim Bong-soo and Lee Ki-hyuk are also making steady progress. The defence line of Lim Chae-min, Jeong Woon and Kim Oh-kyu is one of the most solid in the K League. Most importantly, the trust and confidence among the team members that they will not lose is deeply rooted.

Along with the players, the secretariat is also in a better mood than ever. “In fact, we’ve been this good in the past, but the secretariat wasn’t as excited as we are now,” said a club official. “This season, everyone is really enjoying themselves and working hard. It’s not just that we’re performing well, but that we’re actively interacting and communicating with each other, and we feel like we’re truly one team.”

With two wheels running smoothly, the players and the office, Jeju has been able to enjoy an exceptional box office this season. Jeju’s average attendance per game this season is 6902. On the 27th, 6308 people attended the home game. Despite the cloudy weather, many spectators came to the stadium to show their support. When Lim Chae-min scored the winning goal at the end of the second half, the cheers were louder than ever. At this rate, Jeju’s upward trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.


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