“It’s not a strange age to retire at any time, always do your best” Promise of rookie king MB in the first year of the pro, the volleyball watch did not stop

“It’s not unusual to retire at any time.”

Ha Hyeon-yong (41), a middle blocker for Samsung Fire Insurance, has continued his career as a player without missing a single season since the first year as a pro in the 2005 season. Ha Hyun-yong, who was a rookie of the year in the first year of the pro, is a player respected by his junior players for his sincere and exemplary attitude. Thanks to his steady self-management, he still has a presence in the center.

However, he has never lifted the trophy so far. He had a chance when he was on our card in the 2020-21 season, but he was pushed by Korean Air and didn’t take that opportunity.스포츠토토

Ha Hyun-yong, whom we met on the 1st at the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance practice gym in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, said, “I have been a professional since the first year, but I did not win. However, his team’s performance last season was the lowest. Showing a better image is more important than winning. For now, we are aiming for the playoffs. If we go to the playoffs, we don’t know what will happen again.”

Ha Hyun-yong, who joined Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance through a trade last season, played 32 games and recorded 0.291 blocks per set of 103 points. When you think about it yourself, 2% is a disappointing record.

Ha Hyun-yong said, “In the case of last season, there were many roles to play after moving the team. I think he overdid it because he had a big desire to show off. He also did not improve as much as he thought. he was very sorry Individual results and team results are the same,” he said. “I am working hard to show a good image this season. The director is also very considerate. I will try once without giving up.”

At the age of 41, he is the oldest in the men’s division after Hyundai Capital’s playing coach Yeo Oh-hyun, born in 1978. Nevertheless, it is Ha Hyun-yong who always shows off his presence in the center with unchanging performance.

He said, “I had minor injuries, but I think I was able to do it for a long time because I have been without major injuries. I try to be faithful to the given mission,” he laughed and said, “People around me tell me to do it for a long time, but for now, I’m only looking at one year and one year. In fact, I’m not at an age where it’s not strange to retire at any time,” he said.

Photo = Courtesy of KOVO
“That’s why I try to think of things that are close to me one by one rather than looking at things that are far away. It is the mindset to always be a plus to the team. In any case, I have to show a better performance than last season, so I am preparing hard.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance stayed at the bottom last season. In order to rebuild the famous family, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance players, including Ha Hyun-yong, are preparing for the 2023-24 season by sweating heavily in the off-season.

Finally, Ha Hyun-yong said, “Last season’s performance was not good, but I think I showed my best until the end. Now the grades should follow. If you don’t give up until the end, I think you’ll get good grades. I will show you how to unite with the players.”


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