Is the end of the dedication for Manchester United FA… Failure to renew the contract → Possibility of separation

The possibility of David de Gea

leaving Manchester United has been raised.

De Gea has been playing for United since the 2011-12 season and has been United’s goalkeeper for 13 years, including his last season. The ability to save from animal reflexes was De Gea’s strength, and thanks to this strength, De Gea rose to become the best goalkeeper in the English Premier League (EPL). De Gea has been in Manchester United’s goal for many of his careers, from the days of Sir Alex Ferguson to the many managers who have gone through them.먹튀검증

However, there is a story that Hea may leave Manchester United. That’s because it’s a free agent (FA) status. This is because negotiations with Man Utd to renew the contract are in fact in an atmosphere of failure. Initially, it seemed that the agreement was going smoothly, as De Gea announced his intention to lower his salary, but then news broke that Manchester United had offered a lower salary.

England’s ‘The Athletic’ said, “De Gea signed a contract extension with Manchester United, but Manchester United withdrew the agreed offer. I submitted a new proposal to have them sign a contract again.”

If De Gea does not accept the offer, he will become a free agent. ‘The Athletic’ said: “With the players returning to the club for pre-season training next week, De Gea has not decided what decision he will make. De Gea’s contract will expire soon, and De Gea will officially become a free agent. will be,” he said. De Gea’s contract expires on June 30, local time.

The reason why Manchester United are hesitant to renew De Gea’s contract is that he is not the type of goalkeeper that manager Eric ten Haag wants. As much as coach Ten Hagh wants to build up even in the last room, he requires a certain level of build-up ability from the goalkeeper. De Gea’s ability to save is excellent, but his ball handling skills are evaluated as lacking.

De Gea seems likely to leave Manchester United. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Ten Haag has refused Tom Heaton to leave for Luton.” The media analyzes that if De Gea leaves, Manchester United will run out of goalkeepers, so manager Ten Hag is holding on to Heaton.


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