Ironic Pro Basketball Round of 7 War? What’s wrong with the Carrot squad

Professional basketball had a long-awaited break. During the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) tournament, most teams do not play. Only some teams request a schedule change to play during the break. A total of 3 matches will be played during this time. Other teams take a break, such as giving their players a vacation. Some teams are reorganizing their lines. Seoul SK and Anyang KGC are heading to Japan to participate in the 2023 EASL (East Asian Super League).먹튀검증

In professional basketball, which has begun to catch its breath, the competition for 6th place, which is given the right to advance to the playoffs (PO), is fierce. Suwon KT, Jeonju KCC, and Wonju DB are competing fiercely for the 6th place, while the No. 1 KGC in Anyang and the No. 5 Carrot in Goyang show off their performance without ups and downs.

Ironically, there is a possibility that 7th place will go to PO due to an unprecedented situation this season. This is because the KBL (Professional Basketball League) notified Carrot, which is experiencing financial difficulties, that “we have reaffirmed our decision to disallow PO participation in the round of 6 this season if the remaining unpaid KBL subscription fee of 1 billion won is not paid by the 31st of next month.” . If Carrot does not advance to the PO as KBL has bluffed, a funny thing will happen in which the 7th out of 10 teams since the launch of professional basketball in 1997 will go to the PO. According to KBL, such a principled response has already been made at an emergency board meeting in October of last year.

Carrot is in a chaotic situation with its struggling parent company. The operator of Carrot is Day One Sports (Day One), whose parent company is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. Day One took over Goyang Orion after the end of the 2021-22 season and re-founded the basketball team. From the start, Day One created anxiety with several question marks attached to it. It was because he did not have enough stable funds to run a professional basketball team.

Day One caused noise in the course of negotiations for the acquisition of the basketball team with Orion, and in the review of new member companies conducted by KBL, membership registration was suspended once due to insufficient operational plan data. In addition, before the opening of the regular season, there was even an incident where the subscription fee could not be paid. The salaries of the athletes and secretariat staff were also delayed. Eventually, they decided to sell the club and are currently looking for a new owner.

The team, including coach Kim Seung-gi Carrot, said, “The work of the company is the work of the company. We have to do our job (basketball).” I am doing my best to keep my grades at the top. But on the one hand, it’s true that I’m anxious. It is said that the players, who could not hide their embarrassment even when Orion was sold, are experiencing anxiety at the news of the successive club sales.

Only the players, who are faithfully focusing on basketball without any guilt and achieving results that exceed expectations, are suffering damage. There are concerns about the decline in morale and motivation of the players, who are in a fierce battle for ranking at the end of the season. From the off-season to the end of the season, if you lose sight of the results you have worked hard for, the sense of deprivation is indescribably great.

KBL cannot be free from this responsibility. Disallowing participation in the league itself and notifying a ban on participating in the PO during the season are administrative measures on a different level. It has no choice but to have a negative impact on the league in the future. It is regrettable that Day One has already been aware that there were problems with financial power from the time of joining, but belatedly started taking hardline measures only when the situation got out of control.


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