Involvement of the son of a professional baseball manager, the Seoul area high school baseball club school violence committee is opened

The School Violence Countermeasures Review Committee (hereafter referred to as the School Violence Committee) was held in connection with the case of abusing a high school baseball team in Seoul, which is suspected of involving the son of an incumbent professional baseball team leader.바카라

On the 6th, the parents of the victims of the incident said in this magazine, “All the students, including the son, the victim, participated in the school violence. I know it was done.”

With both sides’ opinions received, the final decision is expected to take about three weeks.

On the other hand, the director of the school has already decided on a heavy punishment of 3 months of suspension at the school’s steering committee held on June 20th. As a result, the manager was immediately suspended from his duties and switched to the supervising system of the assistant coach.

In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education previously reported on June 15, “The baseball manager of the high school, which is a public high school in the Seoul area, violated the leader operating guidelines in relation to school violence response, and recommended that the school side take disciplinary action against the baseball manager. did,” he said.


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