“I’m going to tackle you”… Valdivia’s cute declaration of war ahead of the match with Andrigo, ’10 years old’

Valdivia, the Brazilian playmaker of the Jeonnam Dragons, 슬롯사이트 looked forward to a confrontation with Andrigo, the midfield commander of FC Anyang. He is really happy to have a head-to-head match with Andrigo, who he shared his joys and sorrows with during his youth days, on the K-League pitch.

Valdivia attended the press conference for the Jeonnam Dragons at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Lacky Hall of the Lacky Hotel in Gwangyang on the morning of the 16th. Ahead of the 2023 season, Valdivia, who seems to fill the vacant position of Kim Hyun-wook, who enlisted as managing director in Gimcheon, talked about his relationship with Andrigo, the nucleus of Anyang midfielder, and said that he would like to fight a great game by exchanging tackles.

Valdivia said, “When I spoke with Andrigo, he told me that the tempo of the K-League is really fast and the interpersonal mark is much stronger than the Brazilian league. I am also working hard to adapt to that,” he said, giving many tips for adapting to Jeonnam.

Coincidentally, however, Valdivia will face off with Andrigo in his K-League debut. Jeonnam, to which Valdivia belongs, clashes with FC Anyang, which belongs to Andrigo, in the opening round of the 2023 K-League 2 scheduled for March 1 at the Gwangyang Soccer Stadium.

Valdivia said, “It doesn’t matter whether it’s Anyang or another team. First of all, it’s important for our team to come together from the inside. No matter who the opponent is, you don’t have to worry about that part because we’ll do our best.” “It’s a strong team, but it can be an easy game. Conversely, what you think is an easy game can turn out to be a difficult game. The important thing is that you have to play on the pitch to know.”

“I said on the phone, ‘If I meet you, I’ll tackle you,'” he laughed about going head-to-head with Andrigo. Valdivia said, “We played and trained together in the youth team 10 years ago. After the opening game was decided, they called me and said they were going to face off. At that time, he joked, ‘If I meet you, I’ll tackle you.’ Personally, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s really new and happy to meet friends wearing different team uniforms while running,” he said with a smile. Even so, when I jokingly said that since Anyang is strong, I really think I should tackle properly, he replied with a smile, “I really think I should.”

Valdivia will meet Jeonnam fans for the first time after joining Jeonnam, as well as Andrigo in Anyangjeon. That, too, is an expected response. Valdivia said, “Now the start of the season is really close. I am ready. I will do my best to perform well in front of the fans. I am looking forward to the opening with great anticipation.”


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