Ilshin Yeosang 2 consecutive victories… Suseong High School, Cheonan High School finalists confirmed 

Ilshin Yeo-sang is on a two-game winning streak.

The 2023 Taebaek Mountain Cup National Secondary Volleyball Competition (hereinafter referred to as Taebaek Mountain Cup) hosted by the Korea Middle and High Volleyball Federation, which opened in Taebaek, Gangwon-do on the 12th, completed the schedule on the third day.

In the girls’ high school game held at Taebaek National Sports Center, Ilshin Yeosang defeated Jecheon Girls’ High School with a shutout and succeeded in winning two consecutive victories. Gyeongnam Girls’ High School and Geunyeong Girls’ High School also added one win by beating Cheonan Cheongsu High School and Mokpo Girls’ High School, respectively. Sunseon Girls’ High School beat Bugae Girls’ High School by a set score of 3-1, recording a two-game winning streak.

At the same time, all South Gobu games held at Gowon Gymnasium ended in shutouts. Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School beat Gwangju Electronic Technical High School and Okcheon High School beat Busan Dongseong High School. Inchang High School, Hyeonil High School, and Songsan High School defeated Youngsaeng High School, Munil High School, and Donghae Gwanghui High School with a set score of 3-0. In the game held at Cheoramcho, Suseong High School defeated Inha Sadaebu High School in a full set match, and Seongji High School won Gyeongbuk Sadaebu High School 3-0.토토사이트

The south-central game continued for a long time. Inchang Middle School beat Cheonan Ssangyong Middle School, Okcheon Middle School won Daejeon Namseon Middle School, and Taereung Middle School won Gyeongbuk Sadaebu Middle School with a set score of 2-1. Donghae Kwanghee Middle School and Yeon Hyun Middle School finished the third day schedule by beating Yulgok Middle School and Bon-O Middle School by shutout.

In the women’s middle class, Geumcheon Middle School and Shintan Middle School beat Daegu Il Middle School and Pohang Girls Middle School with a set score of 2-1. Jeonju Geunyeong Middle School succeeded in defeating Cheonan Bongseo Middle School and Mokpo Romantic Club defeated Wolpyeong Middle School by shutout.


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