“I want to learn properly under a coach”…37-year-old veteran of 399G starts coaching, Japanese legend helps out

“I want to learn properly under the coach.”

The era of Ogino Massage has begun at OK Financial Group. As a legendary coach who made a mark in Japanese volleyball, fans of OK Financial Group have high expectations for Ogino.

Joining Ogino in the division will be Head Coach Kiyoshi Abo, as well as existing players Kang Young-joon, Lee Doo-un, and Hwang Dong-il. In addition, Brazilian trainer Anthony Lancini will accompany Ogino.

At the inaugural press conference held at the Korean Volleyball Federation press room on the 7th, Ogino said, “Lee Doo-un and Kang Young-joon have been coaching at OK Financial Group. We will continue to communicate with them to improve the players’ skills. I also think it is the role of a coach to provide a foundation for the coaches to grow.”안전놀이터

Hwang Dong-il concludes his playing career after last season and begins his coaching career.

Hwang has left a unique mark on the V-League. He is the first player in the V-League to wear the jerseys of all seven men’s teams.

He was drafted by Woori Capital Dream Six with the fourth overall pick in the first round of the 2008-09 season, but was traded to LIG Insurance shortly afterwards. After playing for LIG Insurance, he was traded to Korean Air in 2011. He was then traded from Korean Air to Samsung Fire. After being released by Samsung Fire, Hwang Dong-il tried out for Hyundai Capital.

Soon after, he was traded to the KEPCO in another trade. Ahead of last season, he signed with OK Financial Group in his fifth trade. He played one season before retiring.

Hwang Dong-il was the 2008-09 Rookie of the Year and has a career V-League record of 399 matches (1252 sets), 731 points and an average of 6.281 sets per game. Last season, he played 14 matches and 28 sets.

OK Financial Group’s setter roster is saturated. There are five, including Hwang Dong-il. There’s also Lee Min-gyu and Kwak Myung-woo, who will compete for the starting setter role, as well as promising setter Kang Jung-min. Add to that Kwon Jun-hyung, who will be returning from a ruptured Achilles tendon. Hwang Dong-il’s playing time was, to put it bluntly, minimal.

While this may be disappointing, his experience as a player, winning multiple championships and surviving five trades and one release will serve him well in his coaching career. The secret to his longevity, which has kept him alive until the age of 37, is also something that resonates with the players of OK Financial Group.

Coach Ogino said, “Hwang Dong-il talked a lot with the club. They even suggested a playing coach. Hwang Dong-il said he wanted to learn properly as a coach under me, so I appointed him. As a former setter, I want to help him develop into the perfect coach for setters.”

“I’ve only been coaching for a short time. I will provide practice manuals and work with Coach Hwang Dong-il to develop OK Financial Group’s setters.”

“I think he will be a great addition to the team. He has a track record in Brazilian clubs and was with me at Suntory. We need to do something new at OK Financial Group, and I think we need a change. With the arrival of a world-class strength coach, I think we will be able to build a body that can go 100 per cent.”


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