‘I missed Son Heung-min of Ukraine and recruited the second Azar!’ Arsenal sigh of relief

The second Hazard, who is the better signing among Heung-Min Son from Ukraine?

The British media ’90min’ formed a confrontational structure with “Who is the better recruit between Leandro Trossar and Mikhailo Mudrik?”

This is because Arsenal had to fill the void in the transfer market last winter when Gabriel Jesus was out of power due to injury at the World Cup in Qatar to reinforce the attack.

Arsenal aimed for Mikhailo Mudrik, but it failed, and they selected Leandro Trosar as an alternative and succeeded in recruiting.

Trossar is a Belgian born in 1994 and joined Brighton Albion in 2019 after playing for Henk.

Trosar made a soft landing on the English stage, displaying his quick feet and shooting ability. He also showed off his presence in the Belgian national team and earned the title of the second Eden Hazard.

Trosar played 16 matches for Brighton before joining Arsenal, showing off his presence with 7 goals and 2 assists as an offensive point, creating expectations.

Trossar has scored 1 goal and 8 assists for Arsenal this season. He is invigorating the team’s leading competition while digesting his role as an excellent assistant.

Missing Arsenal, Moudrik headed to Chelsea. Ukrainian nationality, born in 2001, is a side striker. He can digest both his left and right sides and is equipped with multi-ability to play as a central midfielder depending on the situation.안전놀이터

In particular, he received positive reviews for his versatility, along with the modifier Son Heung-min of Ukraine, because he was free to use both feet.

Chelsea invested a whopping 89 million pounds (approximately 142 billion won) to sign Moudrik. It was natural to have high expectations. In his debut match, he showed a brilliant appearance.

However, there has been no significant activity since then. He is being criticized for his performances that do not match the transfer fee. He only recorded two assists.

Arsenal missed Moudrik and turned to Trossar. You might breathe a sigh of relief.


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