“I don’t show pain…” He’s the incarnation of fighting spirit, so I’m more worried about Lee Jung-hoo 

He is a player who does not show pain. That’s why Kiwoom has no choice but to keep a keen eye on the extent of the injury.바카라사이트

On the 22nd, Kiwoom won 5-3 against Sajik Lotte and succeeded in escaping from 8 consecutive losses. However, the reason why they couldn’t smile despite escaping from 8 consecutive losses was that Lee Jung-hoo, the leader and core of the team, left due to an injury.

Lee Jung-hoo suffered an ankle injury while handling Kim Min-seok’s batted ball at the end of the 8th inning. He had no suspicious scenes with injuries. Moreover, since he is the incarnation of the fighting spirit that he will play the game unconditionally without expressing pain, the fact that he requested a replacement himself was proof that the situation was not good. This is also the point that director Hong Won-ki is more concerned about. In the end, Lee Jung-hoo could not walk on his own and entered the dugout with the help of a trainer.

Coach Hong Won-ki said, “According to the player himself, he felt something wrong with his ankle while starting when Min-seok Kim hit the ball.” “As everyone knows, Jung-hoo Lee is a player who doesn’t express his pain. But I’m concerned that he made such an expression,” he said. In the end, Lee Jung-hoo was excluded from the first team entry on the 23rd. He moved to Seoul and is scheduled for a hospital checkup on the 24th.

For now, Lee Yong-gyu will fill the leadoff spot in place of Lee Jeong-hoo, and Dawson will fill the center field spot. For the time being, the center fielder will be filled by Dawson. Coach Hong Won-ki said, “Lee Yong-kyu played in the 2nd team until this week and was going to call up next week, but the situation turned out like this, so he called up faster than expected. They say there was no big problem in digesting the 2nd team yesterday.” Lee Yong-gyu, who was excluded from the first team on May 10 due to a back injury, returned to the first team after two months. He played in the second team game against Doosan on July 21-22 and finished his tuning by going 5 at bats and 1 hit in 3 at bats.

Regarding Dawson’s appointment as center fielder, he said, “First of all, since his main position is center fielder, I think it would be the best picture for Dawson to play as center fielder until Lee Jung-hoo comes.”

Regarding hitting, he explained, “I think I have the ability to hit the center in any count. I watched about one game yesterday, but I saw the contact with unfavorable counts positively.”


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