I blew my nose without touching it… Man City completes the treble ‘Mission 1’ by winning the EPL

 Manchester City (hereafter referred to as Man City) is taking a full-fledged step towards the treble.

Man City confirmed the league championship on the 21st when Arsenal lost 0-1 in the 2022-2023 English Premier League round 37 away match against Nottingham Forest held at the City Ground in Nottingham, England.

With Arsenal standing still at 81 points, Man City are leading the table with 85 points, four points ahead. Arsenal now have just one game left, so regardless of the outcome of the remaining matches, Manchester City were crowned champions on the day. On the day that I didn’t even play, the second place slipped and I became the winner without using my strength. It’s like blowing your nose without touching it. It is known that the Manchester City team gathered at the training ground and enjoyed the feeling of winning after watching Arsenal’s game.메이저놀이터

It’s a good win for Man City. Manchester City will challenge to win three competitions this season. In the Premier League, he did not lose his strength and stood at the top. The next competition is the FA Cup. After playing Premier League matches against Chelsea, Brighton & Hove Albion and Brentford, Manchester City will face local rivals Manchester United in the FA Cup final on the 3rd of next month. The three league games can be spent arranging physical strength with the concept of lightly warming up.

After the FA Cup, on the 11th, Inter Milan and Turkey will face each other in the UEFA Champions League final. If they enter this game after winning the FA Cup, Manchester City will challenge the great achievement of the treble.

The Champions League is the most desperate title for Man City. In the Premier League, I’ve already won enough, and in the case of the FA Cup, the weight is not so great. The ‘big year’ that can only be obtained at the top of Europe has never been lifted by Man City. Two years ago, they reached the final for the first time in the club’s history, but lost to Chelsea and remained runners-up. Last season, he was defeated in the semifinals. I keep knocking on the door, but it hardly opens.

First of all, Man City is expected to be able to prepare for the next step lightly by winning the Premier League. It remains to be seen what impact the early Premier League win confirmation will have on Manchester City’s future race.


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