‘How painful it must be…’ Dawson, who was hit from the first at-bat, complains of pain in the trainer’s arms

‘I could feel how painful it was just by looking at his expression’ Dawson, who was hit by the body from the first at-bat, endured the pain and gritted his teeth.메이저놀이터

The last game of the three-week series between Kiwoom Heroes and Lotte Giants was held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 10th. 1 Kiwoom attack. Leading batter Lee Yong-kyu’s triple and Kim Hye-sung’s grounder kicked the first run. Dawson, the third hitter who entered the at-bat, was hit by a pitch and collapsed while playing against Lotte starter Han Hyun-hee.

In 2B 1S, the 4th pitch thrown by Lotte starter Han Hyun-hee hit left-handed hitter Dawson’s left knee as the 127km deep curve was released.

No matter how painful it was, Dawson, the batter, threw the bat the moment he was hit by the pitch, fell down on the spot, and stood up right away. Lotte starter Han Hyun-hee had no intention at all. However, Dawson, who was hit by a dangerous part from the first episode, took an action to throw the helmet out of anger. The umpire approached Dawson in preparation for an unexpected situation.

Fortunately, Dawson, who had recovered his emotions, did not throw his helmet. Dawson, who was walking to first base, suffered a surge of pain, and he gritted his teeth and endured it. But as he took a few more steps, Dawson sat down again. Trainer and coach Kwon Do-young rushed out and checked Dawson’s condition.

Fortunately, Dawson, who stood up on his own, arrived at first base without being substituted with a gesture that he could play.

Han Hyun-hee on the mound also looked at Dawson, who was in pain, with worried eyes. Han Hyun-hee made a gesture of sorry for Dawson who arrived at first base. Dawson responded with a gesture saying that he was okay, and the ball that hit the body from the first episode was warmly ended.

Han Hyun-hee’s ‘warm ending’ conveying sorry feelings toward Dawson, who is fit and complains of pain
Dawson wanted to be able to run base. When Kim Hui-jip, 1st, 1st and 2nd bases hit, Dawson sprinted from 2nd base to home and scored an extra point. After entering the dugout, he hugged his trainer and complained of pain.

Hurado, who was watching this scene from behind, burst into laughter as the big Dawson acted like a child.

Dawson, who was mad at the ball that fit his body, returned to his original appearance full of excitement when his anger was released.

Dawson, who joined Kiwoom Heroes as a substitute for foreign hitter Russell, is doing his part, posting a batting average of 0365, 23 hits, 3 homers, 11 RBIs and 13 RBIs in 16 games before the match.

Dawson took only his first at bat and was replaced by Lim Byung-wook in order to protect the player.


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