How did I make it to first base as an outfielder… Is the return of Wonjun Choi’s multi-life destiny?

Is a multi-life destiny?

Choi Won-jun, 27, joined the KIA Tigers in 2016. He was selected in the first round of the second round, third overall. He showed great batting talent, winning the Lee Young-min batting award. He was quick with his feet and had strong shoulders. In his rookie season, he only had 24 at-bats due to lack of playing time. In his second year, 2017, he had 174 at-bats in 72 games. His batting average was 3 for 8.

By this time, Kim Sun-bin and Ahn Chi-hong had returned from military service. With Lee Bum-ho at third base, Kim Joo-chan at first base, and Lee Myung-ki, Roger Bernardina, and Choi Hyung-woo in the outfield, there was no room. He played mainly as a backup shortstop and third baseman, helping the team win the regular season and Korean Series. In 2018, he played 331 at-bats as a utility player without a position. Despite being a backup, he earned a salary of 100 million won.메이저사이트

After bouncing around the infield, Choi settled into the outfield in the 2020 season under Williams. He mostly played center field because of Tucker in right field. He batted leadoff and struggled in the first half of the year, but exploded in the second half, surpassing 400 at-bats for the first time (412). He batted .326 with two home runs, 32 RBIs, 72 runs scored, and 14 stolen bases.

Set career-highs in 2021, playing primarily in right field in place of the less-defensive Tucker. He hit 174 home runs in 668 plate appearances as a consistent leadoff hitter. He batted .295 with four home runs, 44 doubles, 82 runs scored, 40 stolen bases, and a .744 OPS. His one-hit, two-base stealing performance was nothing short of spectacular. After mastering positions other than catcher and pitcher, he became a regular starter five years after joining the team.

Center fielder Choi Won-jun catches a ball. 2021.09.19 /cej@osen.co.kr

After the 2021 season, Choi joined the Commerce. In the 2022 season, he bombed the Futures League and counted down the days until his retirement. But in the meantime, there was a big change for KIA: free agent Na Sung-beom joined the team. He was a fixture in the lineup, capable of producing 30-30 homers and 100 RBIs. Socrates Brito has also solidified himself as a top-tier hitter in the league.

Still, Choi’s spot seemed to be vacant heading into the 2023 season. In spring training, Lee Chang-jin, Lee Woo-sung, Kim Ho-ryung, Ko Jong-wook, and Kim Seok-hwan were competing for the position, but it seemed like the return of Choi Won-jun would clear the traffic. Coach Kim Jong-guk was eager for Choi’s return, citing the exact date of his discharge. “When he returns, Gong Gong-soo will be of great use,” he said, ordering the batters to hold on until then.

On June 11, he was finally discharged and took off his uniform. But there was no place for Choi Won-jun in the outfield. Lee Woo-seong became the perfect outfielder in the offense. He is batting 3-for-1 with an OPS of 0.838 with honors. Koh Jong-wook, a pinch-hitter, has also earned a spot in left field with a 3-for-3 record. Na Sung-beom will be in the mix when he returns in late June.

With Choi Won-jun in the outfield, the team would have to bench a third outfielder. Kim was faced with a dilemma. With all of his first basemen in a slump, Choi could be utilized. He was asked to play first base in Commerce Futures games until the end of the season. He started to adapt to the first team by playing both outfield and first base. He struggled to secure a starting spot in the outfield, but now that he’s back, he’s a multi-role player. Reserve Won-jun Choi faces a tough restart


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