Gwangju FC launches formal investigation into workplace harassment case

Gwangju FC will separate actors and conduct a formal investigation following an incident of workplace harassment.

Gwangju announced on the 26th that it will take measures to separate actors and conduct a formal investigation after receiving a report from the Gwangju Metropolitan City Audit Committee that there were top-down bullying behaviours using status within the club.먹튀검증

Gwangju first became aware of the workplace bullying incident while checking the audit results notified by the city’s audit committee on the 19th, and held an emergency board meeting on the 22nd to report the audit results and discuss the direction of handling the workplace bullying incident.

It was decided to take the incident of workplace harassment very seriously and to comply with the procedures and deal with it strictly in accordance with the Labour Standards Act.

On the 24th, Gwangju immediately separated the three actors from the victim by ordering them to work from home.

In response to the media’s opinion that the separation of the actors was a violation of the law, the Korea Confederation of Certified Labour received an interpretation from the KLC stating that “the ‘separation of the workplace of the affected workers’ specified in the law gives priority to the affected workers to choose, and does not specify the object of separation, but means separation from the actors.”

Gwangju immediately commissioned a professional organisation, the Korea Confederation of Labour, to conduct a formal investigation and a full investigation.

The investigation will comprehensively determine the specific circumstances, including the relationship of the parties, the place and circumstances where the act was committed, the content and extent of the act, and whether the act was one-time or ongoing.

It will also objectively determine the physical and mental suffering of an average person in the same situation as the victim, and whether there were acts and consequences that could worsen the actual working environment.

Upon completion of the investigation, Gwangju plans to determine whether the incident constitutes workplace harassment and hold a personnel committee to implement disciplinary measures against the offender.


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