Golden State expected to stay powerhouse for at least one more season

The Golden State Warriors are, unsurprisingly, staying put.

“According to Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Golden State will maintain its current power in the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

Golden State has been one of the biggest spenders over the years. However, the creation of a second apron ($17.5 million luxury tax line) in this year’s collective bargaining agreement has put a red flag on their ability to maintain power and manage their finances. Add to that the resignation of general manager Bob Myers, and you’ve got a big management void.토토사이트

Nevertheless, Golden State is determined to stay the course. Already in the wake of Myers’ resignation and in the end-of-season press conference, Golden State owner Joe Lacob has made it clear that the team will continue to challenge for championships. Despite their many problems, it would be strange to see Golden State not become a major contender, especially with their main man, Steph Curry, still in his prime.

The key will be the retention of Draymond Green, who can exercise his player option this summer. He’s looking for a contract worth more than $30 million per year. At the very least, he’s looking for something bigger than his current deal (four years, $99.6 million), making it difficult for Golden State to sit him down. If they want to sign him to a new deal, they’ll need to clear out the cap.

Jordan Poole’s extension (four years, $123 million), which he signed last summer, kicks in next season, and Green’s player option (worth about $27.59 million) adds up to more than $218 million in salary next season. Trading Poole would drastically reduce the cap space and give Green the kind of contract he’s looking for. However, it’s not that easy, as Pool’s value has plummeted.

Curry’s salary next season is over $50 million, and Thompson’s contract (five years, $190 million) pays him over $43 million next season. The good news is that Thompson’s contract expires at the end of next season, so if they stay the course for one more season, they’ll have some breathing room in the future.

Andrew Wiggins signed an extension last year that reduced his salary, but they also brought in Gary Payton II, whose salary increased this season. Add in Poole’s contract. For reference, Poole’s salary next season (about $28.7 million) is higher than Wiggins’ (about $24.33 million). That said, there’s no way to avoid weakening the offence if you trade Poole.


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