Four new coaches waiting for the opening of the second half, a mixed first half

The joys and sorrows of the new coaches, who started the season ambitiously, were clearly mixed in the first half.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who started the season with half anxiety and half expectation without even coaching experience, finished the first half in a better way. An all-out war was declared ahead of July, and the players perfectly lived up to the expectations of the command tower. The team finished the first half with 9 consecutive wins, one step short of the tie record for the most consecutive wins. As a manager, he tied the record for the most consecutive wins in his first year in office. Coach Lee’s expression, which once said, “I can’t sleep well” due to the successive injuries and hunting of starting pitchers in June, seems more relaxed.온라인카지노

In a briefing before the last game of the first half on the 13th, coach Lee said, “I thought that if we did what we prepared, we would not become an easy team, but the players did really well.” ”he said.

Of course, this director is not without worries. First of all, it is Kim Jaehwan. He showed unwavering trust until the end of the first half, but Kim Jae-hwan failed to rebound. It is also unfortunate that the growth of young beasts is slow. 38-year-old veteran Kim Jae-ho has returned as the starting shortstop, and a spot in the outfield is still empty.

NC coach Kang In-kwon and Samsung coach Park Jin-man, who started as acting coaches and officially took office ahead of this season, had a difficult first half.

NC, which had been gaining momentum by sweeping LG and SSG in turn, suffered a losing streak since mid-June due to a series of injuries to starting pitchers.

Samsung struggled with a weak player base and was in danger of being in last place for the first time since its founding. As of the 19th, two days before the opening of the second half, it is 31-49, the league’s only win rate in the 30% range (0.388). The difference between Kiwoom in 9th place and 5 games widened before I knew it.

The fact that the team’s veterans were sent down to the second team during the season and made a strong point is what the two new coaches have in common. Coach Park excluded Oh Seung-hwan (40), the most senior member of the team, from the entry the very next day, who showed fierce dissatisfaction during the pitcher replacement process against KT on the 17th of last month. Coach Kang pointed out the attitude of the main gun, Park Geon-woo (33), and sent him down to the second group on the 3rd. It was a difficult decision to make in his first year as manager. Oh Seung-hwan returned 10 days after the entry was canceled, and Park Kun-woo is also likely to return with the opening of the second half.

Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho, who took over in a messy atmosphere due to the controversy surrounding the dismissal of former manager Carlos Subero, led the team’s upward trend and finished the first half in a good mood. On May 12, he debuted as his manager and recorded 23 wins, 3 draws and 21 losses in 47 matches. In terms of section performance, it is 5th in the league. Coach Choi emphasized “setting up for winning baseball” in his inaugural interview. It’s a story focused on next year’s season, but right now, fall baseball this season is not just a dream. It is still in 8th place, but it is only 2.5 games behind 5th place Lotte. Attention is focused on the management of the second half of coach Choi, who has 66 games left.


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