First Champions League win: ‘We are the best in Europe’

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We kick off Top Play with the story of Manchester City’s first-ever Champions League triumph and how they’ve truly become a force to be reckoned with.

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Manchester City meets Inter Milan in the final.먹튀검증

Owner Mansour came to the stadium.

That’s how excited he is to win the title.

No, but this is what happened.

I almost gave away the first goal with a backpass.

Guardiola is stunned and falls to the ground.

The atmosphere is getting frustrating.

Midfielder Rodri quickly turns the tide.

23 minutes into the second half,

he shoots the ball straight through the defense~ and it goes in!

We’re just a few minutes away from winning the game.

At the crucial moment, the opposing striker saves the day.

Ederson makes a brilliant save.

And just like that, City hold on for the win.

The league, the FA Cup, and now the Champions League trophy.

This season, they are the real powerhouse of European soccer.


Next up is Major League Soccer.

Machado chases down a foul ball and almost misses it.

Another time with his face, and finally he catches it without dropping it.

What animal reflexes.

Top play so far.

The video is edited: Kim Min-ho

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