Finally, the ‘wingback strong period’ is over… Tottenham, EPL’s best wingback duo anticipation explodes

Will we be able to see refreshing attacking power from Tottenham’s side next season?

Tottenham officially announced on the club website on the 1st (Korean time), “We are delighted to announce the signing of Poro. Poro will be on loan until the end of this season, and there is a mandatory transfer option this summer. The number 23.” did. The remaining season rent is 5 million euros (approximately 6.6 billion won), and Tottenham must pay an additional 40 million euros (approximately 53.4 billion won) in transfer fees to Sporting in the summer.

With the arrival of a prisoner with excellent attack power, manager Antonio Conte’s big problem was solved. Until last season, Tottenham’s weakness was wingbacks. As Ivan Perisic came to Tottenham ahead of the 2022-23 season, concerns about the left wingback were greatly reduced. There are still concerns about synergy with Son Heung-min, but Perisic is quickly establishing himself at Tottenham.

On the other hand, the right side of Emerson Royal and Matt Doherty was a problem. Neither Emerson nor Doherty could show satisfactory offensive power. Conte also didn’t like Jed Spence, who was recruited by the club. In the end, Tottenham invested the money equivalent to the 4th highest transfer fee in the history of the club to solve the right wingback problem. Poro is a player who has strength in attack power, so it is thought that he will help Tottenham attack a lot. 메이저놀이터

As the prisoner was recruited, soccer statistics media ‘Whoscored.com’ showed a comprehensive record of the prisoner and Destiny Udoji, saying, “The future of wingbacks in Tottenham is very bright.” Udoji signed a contract with Tottenham this summer, but is currently on loan to Udinese. As Udoji has grown rapidly in Udinese, there is even talk that he should be selected for the Italian national team.

Udoji is expected to compete with Perisic and Ryan Sessegnon from next season. There are not a few cases where Udoji is highly likely to become the main player. If the prisoner successfully lands in Tottenham this season and next season, Tottenham will have a long and long ‘wingback strength period’.

Tottenham have struggled to bring in the right wing-backs since the days of Kyle Walker and Danny Rose. The right side continued to fail from Serge Aurier. The left side also couldn’t find a suitable replacement until Perisic was recruited.


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