‘Finally First Victory’ Jeju coach Nam Ki-il “The victory of faith, I felt the trust in each other”

The long-awaited 1 win was achieved in enemy territory.

Nam Ki-il, manager of Jeju United, said after winning 1-0 in the K-League 1 round 6 away match against Gangwon FC held at Songam Sports Town Main Stadium in Chuncheon on the 9th, “I think it is a victory of faith. The trust of the players worked well,” he said.

In the first half, Gangwon drove Gangwon with high ball possession, but Jeju, who failed to score, was replaced by coach Nam in the second half. In the 8th minute of the second half, Seo Jin-soo, who replaced Han Jong-moo, scored the winning goal. He quickly dribbled from the left side of the penalty box in the 31st minute of the second half, then cut the right side of Gangwon’s goal with a right-footed kick.

In Jeju, after Lim Chae-min, Jeong-woon, and Lee Chang-min collapsed due to injuries, Ahn Hyun-beom also missed the game with a minor ankle injury. Manager Nam emphasized trust among the players, and laid the stepping stone for a turnaround by collecting valuable 3 points in the opening 6 games of the league.

Next, Q&A with coach Nam

– How do you feel about the game?

I don’t think it’s a victory of faith. The confidence of the players worked well. I played with trust, and this showed up very well. I am happy as a coach that the players get results without conceding a goal. I am more than happy to give joy to the fans who came to the expedition.

– The replacement card was hit.

Seo Jin-soo recently played a lot of games where he felt pressured. We prepared for the game by sharing the burden with each other. You have fully demonstrated your abilities today. As you said, the replacement player came in and scored a goal, so the player who was playing before worked harder and played a good game.

– It’s time for the wounded to return.

As the team has been in a bad situation lately, trust among the players has decreased and confidence has also decreased. It was difficult because I felt the burden on myself. Throughout the preparation, I was concerned about this. We have to watch for the injured players to come back perfectly, but if they come back one by one, wouldn’t it be a good match? I hope it will go in the direction we want. Above all, I am even more happy that there were no injuries today. (Laughs)

– The meaning of the first win this season.

The first time is always difficult. The first win (until now) could put pressure on the player. Wouldn’t this be the first win for the players to gain more confidence?

– The next game (in the lower ranks) is the Suwon Samsung match. 메이저사이트

Looking at a team in a bad situation, it seems that there is a lot of pressure not to win. It may grow under such pressure, but there are many cases where it does not. For now, I would like to say that it is important to share this pressure with each other, to send trust between players, and to build good relationships with each other. Just as we prepared for this match, it is important to continue to prepare for the next match with a good atmosphere and trust.


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