Fantastic half-volley goal’ Na Sang-ho “Euijo-hyung cross good… I wanted to pay back after watching the interview with Gwangju”

 “I wanted to pay back Uijo-hyung Cross Good after seeing the interview with Gwangju (March).”

Striker Na Sang-ho, who gave FC Seoul another 3 points with a fantastic half-volley ‘Wonder Goal’, said with a smile.

Na Sang-ho scored the winning goal two minutes after being substituted in the 18th minute of the second half of the home game against Gwangju FC in the 12th round of the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 9th, 1-1. Hwang Ui-jo’s cross from the right was followed by a wonderful right half-volley shot from the left side of the goal, splitting the goal.

In the 41st minute of the second half, Na Sang-ho led Seoul’s 3-1 victory with one goal and one assist, including helping Park Dong-jin’s wedge. Seoul ranked second with 23 points, following Ulsan Hyundai (31 points).

Na Sang-ho has scored 8 goals so far this season and is ranked as the top scorer.

Appearing in an interview with a distinguished player right after the game, he said, “I am happy to win. Both the coach and the players had a strong will to win, so we got good results. (Round 13) I will show good performance against Ulsan.”

Regarding the scoring scene, “Uijo-hyung put up a good cross. The ball was in a floating situation, but I think I scored with a confident shot,” he said.

Na Sang-ho also mentioned the conversation he had with Hwang Eui-jo while going to work ahead of the Gwangju match. He said, “When I was driving with Uijo, I said that I would raise it longer than cut it in the future when I was in a cross situation. Uijo-hyung also said he would go there, but he did the opposite in the goal scene,” he laughed.

Na Sang-ho’s performance this season is unrivaled. He said, “From the pre-season winter training, I put a lot of effort to show a physically explosive appearance. He said that physicality is important on the field, but he felt it during the World Cup and watching overseas soccer, but having confidence is the biggest thing. He believes that the first goal is to show confidence in the play he wants to play when he enters the field.”

The possibility of Na Sang-ho advancing to Europe this summer is being raised. He avoided an immediate answer, saying, “I don’t know how long I will be in FC Seoul, but my first priority is to continue performing, create a situation where fans can enjoy themselves, and try to keep Seoul in a good position.” However, when the reporters asked for a specific goal, he said, “Seoul is in the championship as in the past, and it is to show good performance by going abroad.”토스카지노

He also mentioned that the motivation of the players on this day was stronger than usual. This match attracted attention early on due to the controversy over the remarks made by the opponent coach Lee Jeong-hyo two months ago. On March 5, the two teams had their first match in Gwangju hometown, and Seoul won 2-0. However, coach Lee said, “I am angry about losing to a team that plays soccer like that.” Although Lee seems to have a strong tone that is unique to the coach, who is full of fighting spirit, people around him criticized him as saying that he disrespects the senior soccer manager and the opposing team. In the end, Lee left a message of apology to Ahn and regretted his remarks.

Na Sang-ho said, “Honestly, I think I was motivated. (March) I read all the interview articles after the Gwangju War. I think we prepared well for this game to recover and pay back the part that hurt the pride of the coaches and coaches.” 


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