Expected 2nd round candidates, will there be a ‘steal pick’ like Oh Jae-hyun?

Can players expected to be drafted in the second round turn into steal picks?

The 2023 KBL Rookie Draft will be held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 21st. Suwon KT, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, Changwon LG, Seoul Samsung, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, Busan KCC, Wonju DB, Goyang Sono, Seoul SK, and Anyang CheongKwanJang will select new players in that order.

The draft where the fate of prospective pros is decided. The reporters, who had seen the important event, could not ignore it. Four writers conducted a mock draft according to their actual turn.메이저놀이터

We reveal the expected draft results based on each person’s ranking. The fourth order is the first half of the second round (ranks 1 to 5). 

▶Round 2, 1st pick: Jooyoung Lee of Chung-Ang University (181.4cm, G)

The player who received the highest evaluation in the second round was Lee Jooyoung. Lee Joo-young was predicted to be selected in the middle of the first round in the reporter’s evaluation and the team’s evaluation.

Jooyoung Lee is the best player in the college league in terms of scoring ability. He doesn’t discriminate between penetration and shooting. Once he’s on fire, he has explosive power that can’t be easily stopped. He became the college league’s leading scorer.

However, Juyoung Lee is closer to a shooting guard. Rather than finding his colleagues, he has a strong tendency to solve the problem himself. Due to his relatively short height and playing style, some believe that it will not be easy for him to adapt to the professional stage.

▶2nd round 2nd pick Dankook University Na Seong-ho (188.7cm, F)

Na Seong-ho received the second highest evaluation after Joo-young Lee. The player who took Dankook University by storm as captain.

Na Seong-ho increased his 3-point success rate through the 2023 season. He added to his original defensive strengths and developed into a 3&D player. He does not hesitate and actively participates in offensive rebounds.

However, Na Seong-ho falls behind in terms of physical condition based on number 3. His offensive skills, except for his 3 points, are also somewhat disappointing. He also has a question mark over his ball handling.

▶Second Round 3rd Place Konkuk University Park Sang-woo (191.8cm, F)

Park Sang-woo is expected to be selected in the top 2nd round. A resource that can energize your team.

Park Sang-woo contributes to the team with his activity level derived from his decent athletic ability. Sangwoo Park attracted attention with his good performance in the 2022 KUSF college basketball U-League playoffs.

However, Park Sang-woo did not show a clear offensive option even in his college league. His physical condition is also somewhat disappointing compared to his position.

▶Second Round 4th Place Seungbin Pyo of Hanyang University (189.2cm, F)

Seungbin Pyo, who declared early entry, is also expected to be selected in the second round. He is a forward who can play in many ways, including ball handling, passing, and dirty work.

Seungbin Pyo served as a control tower at Hanyang University. When he needed to score, he stepped up as a scorer, and when he needed to coordinate the game, he helped his teammates. His basketball sense stands out.

However, Seungbin Pyo does not show competitiveness in terms of physical condition. He is versatile, but has no obvious weapons. His professional role is also unclear. His shooting is also uncertain.

▶2nd round 5th pick Sungkyunkwan University Min Ki-nam (172cm, G)

Min Ki-nam is expected to be selected in the middle of the 2nd round. A guard whose advantage is high speed.

Min Ki-nam’s clear advantage is speed. He is Min Ki-nam, who shines in 1-on-1 attacks that utilize speed. Min Ki-nam also uses his speed well in defense.

However, Min Ki-nam is a short guard. Although he has a solid physique, he is bound to show his limitations in defense. He also has some ups and downs in shooting. His ability to manage the game is also somewhat disappointing.


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