‘EPL Record of 195 Billion’ Revenue of 438.9 Billion including Caise!… Brighton, EPL Emerging Selling Club?

Brighton has emerged as a new selling club.

Football media’Score 90′메이저놀이터 ​​posted on its official SNS on the 23rd (hereinafter Korean time), “Unlike other English Premier League (EPL) teams, Brighton is making a lot of money in the transfer market.” It disclosed the proceeds from the sale of Alistair, Marc Cucurella, Leandro Trosar and Ben White.

Brighton sold White and Trossar to Arsenal for £50 million (approximately KRW 83.7 billion) and £21 million (approximately KRW 35.1 billion), respectively. White’s transfer fee was Brighton’s release club record at the time. Brighton have made two big deals with Chelsea. It sold Cucurella for £55 million (approximately KRW 92.1 billion) and Caicedo for £115 million (approximately KRW 195 billion).

This summer, Mack Allister was sent to Liverpool for £35m. Brighton made a profit of 306 million euros (approximately 438.9 billion won) with five players. Considering the 70 million euros (approximately 101 billion won) spent on recruiting five players, it was a huge profit.

Brighton had a blast last season. At the beginning of the season manager Graham Porter left for Chelsea and manager Roberto De Gerbi took over. De Gerbi, who was appointed head coach, made a good team and steadily competed in European competitions. Eventually, finishing the season in 6th place, they succeeded in advancing to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) for the first time in the history of the club.

Brighton’s key players naturally attracted attention from the big clubs. Liverpool tried to reinforce their midfield by sending Jordan Henderson, Fabinho and James Milner. I quickly embraced Mac Allister. One of the best transfers this summer is Caicedo. Caicedo has been linked with Chelsea since the beginning of the transfer window. However, negotiations were difficult as Brighton set a ransom of 100 million pounds (approximately 167.5 billion won) for Caicedo.

Meanwhile, Liverpool jumped in. Liverpool pushed for the signing of Romeo Rabia from Shrimp Sampton, but failed to narrow the transfer fee gap. In the end, he set his eyes on Caicedo and prepared 110 million pounds (about 188 billion won). The transfer of Kaisedo, which seemed difficult to transfer due to the high transfer fee, became possible.

But there was a twist. Caicedo was only considering a move to Chelsea. “Caicedo has informed Liverpool that he wants to join Chelsea,” said European transfer market expert Fabricio Roma on social media.

In the end, Chelsea bought Caicedo for £115m. Caicedo’s transfer fee was the highest in EPL history. Chelsea set their record for the highest transfer fee in EPL history last winter.

Brighton sent midfielders Caicedo and Mac Allister, as well as goalkeeper Roberto Sanchez. It was expected that he would not be able to show his potential as much as last season. But Brighton have been strong this season as well. Although he has not yet met a strong team, he scored 4 goals in 2 consecutive matches and showed off his strong offensive power. Brighton are currently top of the league table, ahead of Manchester City on goal difference.


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