‘Eagle Killer’ Park Jong-hoon’s first victory in 84 days… SSG, ‘Noh Si-hwan’s home run’ escaped the pursuit of Hanwha and escaped with two consecutive losses 

SSG Landers succeeded in escaping from a losing streak.

SSG won 6-3 in the 10th game of the season against the Hanwha Eagles in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 29th. Submarine starter Park Jong-hoon’s good pitching and the cohesiveness of the second inning batted in were avenged for the 3-4 defeat the previous day (28th).안전놀이터

Park Jong-hoon went on the mound 24 days after the KIA Tigers match on the 5th (2⅔innings, 5 runs lost) and pitched a good pitch with 3 hits and 7 strikeouts in 6 innings, becoming the winning pitcher. He did not give up even a single walk or four balls. After winning the first win of the season against Kiwoom Heroes on May 6, he succeeded in hunting for two wins in 84 days.

SSG & Hanwha Starting Lineup

SSG’s batting order was Choo Shin-soo (right fielder) Choi Joo-hwan (1st baseman) Choi Jeong (designated hitter) Heredia (left fielder) Park Sung-han (shortstop) Ha Jae-hoon (center fielder) Kim Seong-hyun (3rd baseman) Choi Jun-woo (2nd baseman) Cho Hyung-woo (catcher).

The Hanwha Eagles batting order was Lee Jin-young (right fielder) Jeong Eun-won (2nd baseman) Noh Si-hwan (3rd baseman) Chae Eun-seong (designated hitter) Choi Jae-hoon (catcher) Kim In-hwan (1st baseman) Williams (left fielder) Ha Joo-seok (shortstop) Moon Hyun-bin (center fielder). .

‘Eagle Killer’ Park Jong-hoon ‘KKK’ Fresh start, 2nd inning explosion

Park Jong-hoon struck out all three out counts in the first inning. First batter Lee Jin-young, second batsman Eun-won Jeong, and third batsman Roh Si-hwan all struck out. In the second inning, Chae Eun-seong caught a fly ball to first baseman, Choi Jae-hoon a grounder in front of first baseman, and Kim In-hwan a left fielder fly ball.

After 2 consecutive innings of triplets, he supported the scoring of the other line. SSG took the lead in the bottom of the second inning. Scored 5 points.

In the second inning, lead batter Heredia hit a double in left field. Seong-Han Park made a hit with a bunt on the third baseman side, and Jae-Hoon Ha took a 1-0 lead with a timely hit to the left.

Opportunities followed. Seong-Hyun Kim succeeded in sending the bunt, making it 1 out, 2nd and 3rd base, and Jun-Woo Choi’s sacrifice fly to the center fielder made it 2-0. Cho Hyeong-woo’s timely hit and Choo Shin-soo’s left-middle double hit coincided with opponent center fielder Moon Hyun-bin’s catch error, and they ran away 4-0. Choi Joo-hwan made a timely right-handed hit to make it 5-0.

Hanwha starter Jang Min-jae’s early steel plate, SSG killer’s sluggishness

Hanwha starter Jang Min-jae, who recorded 2 wins and 5 losses and an average ERA of 4.53 in 11 games, was strong against SSG this season. He went 1-0 and had an earned run average of 0.87 in the preceding 2 games. But on this day, he struggled. He blocked it well in the first inning, but collapsed in the second inning and handed the mound to Kang Jae-min from the third inning.

On the other hand, ‘Hanwha’s natural enemy’ Park Jong-hoon continued his good pitching without conceding. In the 3rd inning, he struck out and made another tripartite inning. In the 4th inning, he allowed his first hit and stolen base after one out, but Noh Si-hwan struck out second baseman Roh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong struck out, continuing the scoreless pitching. Park Jong-hoon pitched a good fight with 3 hits and 7 strikeouts, no strikes, and no runs until the 6th inning. Park Jong-hoon, who threw a total of 92 pitches, handed over the mound to Moon Seung-won in the 7th inning, when the team led 5-0.

Hanwha starting catcher Choi Jae-hoon replaced injured

Hanwha had to replace main catcher Choi Jae-hoon in the bottom of the 5th inning, which was trailing 0-5. A match against Heredia in the crisis of losing 1 out and 2nd base. At Jung Woo-ram’s pitch, Heredia swung her bat. Although it was not intentional, the bat spun and hit Choi Jae-hun on the back of his left hand. Choi Jae-hoon was replaced with a bruise on the back of his left hand. Instead of Choi Jae-hoon, Park Sang-eon wore the catcher’s mask.

Hanhwa 7th inning first score, 8th inning additional 1 point… Roh Si-hwan’s 21st gun ‘home run single’

The Hanwha batting line, which was tightly tied to Park Jong-hoon’s good pitching, scored in the 7th inning. Against the changed pitcher Moon Seung-won, Chae Eun-seong retreated with a ground ball to the third baseman, and Park Sang-eon hit a triple through the middle right. Then, Kim In-hwan grounded to the second baseman’s side, but in the meantime, third base runner Park Sang-eon passed the home hole.

Hanwha scored one more point. Williams made a right-handed hit, and Ha Joo-seok picked a walk. In the 2nd 1st and 2nd bases, Moon Hyun-bin hit a right-handed hit at the right time to create a 3-point gap.

After Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won allowed 2 runs, and in the 8th inning, Roh Kyung-eun made an additional run. Noh Si-hwan, who is in a homerun competition with Choi Jeong, hit his 21st home run of the season against Noh Kyung-eun. Roh Si-hwan took first place alone in the home run category.

SSG was chased by 2 points. Noh Kyung-eun gave up a solo shot to Noh Si-hwan and replaced Koh Hyo-jun at 2nd and 1st base. Koh Hyo-jun gave Kim Tae-yeon a ball that fit his body, but caught Williams as a shortstop floating ball and took a breath.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, he scored 1 more precious run. Park Seong-han chose a walk, and after Ha Jae-hoon stepped down with a floating ball in center field, Kim Seong-hyun also chose a walk. Ahn Sang-hyun struck out, but Kim Min-sik hit a double at the right time on the left field and ran away with a 3-run lead.

SSG secured the victory with Seo Jin-yong, who finished the game in the top of the 9th inning. Seo Jin-yong lost the game the previous day with one run, but made up for it with his 28th save that day.


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