Doosan to re-sign Brandon, Lee Seung-yup “the best option available”

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop has expressed his excitement about the impending arrival of new foreign pitcher Brandon Waddell.

Doosan placed injury-plagued foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle on waivers on the 8th. Dillon, who was sidelined with an elbow injury last month, suffered a recurrence of pain during his rehabilitation, making his return uncertain, and Doosan could not wait any longer.토토사이트

Doosan, who had already made a list of replacements, decided to bring back Brandon, who played for Doosan last year. Last year, Brandon played in a Doosan uniform as a substitute for Ariel Miranda and posted a solid record of 5-3 with a 3.60 ERA in 11 games.

After failing to re-sign with Doosan at the end of the season, Brandon went on to play in the Taiwan Professional Baseball League for the Rakuten Monkeys. This season, he went 5-4 with a 2.85 ERA, and was close to returning to Doosan.

“I heard that the agreement was finalised, and I think I will be able to pitch at the end of this month at the latest. I think they made the best choice among the available players. The club moved quickly,” he said of Waddell’s signing.

“When I saw him last year, I wasn’t impressed, but when I saw him again, I realised that he has a 150km fastball and a changeup. He has experience in the KBO and has been in the starting rotation in Taiwan, so I don’t think he will have any problems adjusting.”

Doosan has been able to hold its own in the middle of the pack despite losing three starters – Dillon, Kwak Bin and Choi Won-jun – to injury and poor performance. As of the 9th, Doosan’s starting pitching staff has a 3.60 ERA, which is fourth in the league.

“It’s all thanks to our pitching coach. We were able to endure the slump and injuries of the starting pitchers because we showed good teamwork with the training part.” Lee credits the coaching staff.


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