Dodgers’ best prospect → Washington trade… Catcher born in 1998, contract extended for 8 years

Bert Lewis, once the top prospect of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has agreed to an eight-year contract extension with his team, the Washington Nationals.

Local media ‘MASN’ said on the 11th (Korean time), “According to sources, Washington has agreed to an 8-year, $50 million contract extension with catcher Lewis, and it seems that it will be officially announced soon. It is also reported that this includes a club option.”

Lewis had a 5-season arbitration period, but all of those contracts were replaced, including a 3-year free agency period. He will stay in Washington until at least 2030.

The Venezuelan native joined the Dodgers in 2014 on an international amateur contract. After that, he stepped on the big league stage for the first time in the 2020 season, and raised his expectations by hitting a home run in his first at-bat in his debut. In the 2021 season, it seemed to be the future of the Dodgers as he climbed to the top of the Dodgers prospect rankings. 온라인카지노

However, the Dodgers already had Will Smith and Austin Barnes at catcher, and there was no room for Lewis. Eventually, at the time of the Max Scherzer and Trey Turner trades, he moved to Washington with Josiah Gray, Donovan Casey, and Gerardo Carrillo.

Since Washington lacked catchers, he immediately put on the main catcher mask, and he is at the top of the depth chart this season. Last year, he recorded a batting average of 0.251, 7 homers, 36 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.673, playing 112 games, the most in his career.

The defense lacks framing, but has shown good blocking and steal-stopping abilities. In Washington, he was evaluated as still having a lot of potential to develop, and they tied him to a long-term contract.

Meanwhile, Washington, with its main catcher Lewis, formed a catcher with young players such as Riley Adams, born in 1996, and Israel Pineda, born in 2000.


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