Darvish, the ‘powerful’ selection for the Korea-Japan match, started training with sand dune

Darvish Yu (San Diego), who is a strong starting pitcher for the Japanese national team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) match between Korea and Japan, showed a somewhat uneasy appearance by hitting a batter in live pitching.

On the 2nd, Darvish started live pitching in the form of a practice game against Chunichi, a Japanese professional baseball team, at the Nagoya Dome in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Because of his insurance in the major leagues, he was unable to participate in actual matches other than WBC-approved evaluation matches, so he tried to improve his pitching skills with live pitching as close to actual actual pitching as possible.먹튀검증

Darvish, however, threw a sand dune from the first inning. A 150km/h fastball thrown at Yuki Okabayashi, the first batter in Chunichi, hit his right knee. Hit by the ball, Okabayashi retreated to the bench with support, according to Sports Hochi and others. Afterwards, Darvish gave up two more hits and one more walk, allowing two runs in the first inning only.

Darvish recovered his power from the second inning. He blocked the second inning with a three-way offense, and was hit by the lead batter in the third inning as well, but later caught three batters down. Darvish recorded 3 hits, 1 walk, 1 walk, and 1 strikeout on 50 pitches against 12 batters that day. His highest fastball speed was 153 km/h.


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