Curry fined $25,000 for throwing mouthpiece

Curry, who was sent off for throwing a mouthpiece during the game, was eventually fined.

The NBA made an official announcement on the 28th that it decided to fine the Golden State Warriors $25,000. 스포츠토토

Curry was fined for throwing his mouthpiece during a game. Curry threw a mouthpiece on the court at the end of the game against Memphis on the 26th, unable to control his excited emotions.

At the end of the game, the one-possession game continued with Memphis, and in the process, Jordan Pool tried an excessive shot and lost an attacking opportunity. Watching this, Curry couldn’t hide his anger and threw a mouthpiece into the court during the backcourt. And the referee who saw this immediately ejected Curry.

Curry had previously been ejected from two games. Unfortunately, it was all because he threw the mouthpiece.

Curry explained the situation at the time, “It was a really important moment in the game and every part had to be important. So I think that’s why I reacted that way. I did it because I wanted to win. Thankfully, my teammates were really good at it.”

Golden State, which continued to fight against Memphis even after Curry’s exit, won the game with Jordan Poole’s winning layup shot right before the end. After the game, Curry greeted Jordan Poole directly in the stadium tunnel and relieved the uncomfortable feelings that had accumulated for a while.


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