Competitor Oni is different’ Emerson… “I will definitely win this season

Emerson Royal, which is showing a completely different performance after competitor Pedro Poro joined, announced that it will definitely win the championship this season.

Emerson, 바카라 who played as a top La Liga right-back at Real Betis in the past, left Barcelona last season to join Tottenham, but showed less than expected performance.

He wasn’t particularly good at defense, but above all, he couldn’t play the offensive role properly. He was very poor at passing and crossing accuracy, as well as properly timed overlapping that a wingback should have.

Even though manager Antonio Conte used Emerson as a starting pitcher, the fans were not satisfied and demanded a better right-back.

Even this season, Emerson, who has rotted fans with uneasy defense and unhelpful offense despite being the main player, is showing a completely different appearance after being recruited as a prisoner during the winter transfer market.

In the league match against Manchester City on the 5th (Korean time), Jack Grealish was tied tightly and his side was completely sealed. Thanks to Emerson’s performance, Tottenham won 1-0 against Manchester City.

On the other hand, Poro quickly became the target of criticism for his terrible performance. In the match against Leicester City on the 11th, Poro, who started instead of Emerson, could not control Leicester’s attack and conceded three goals in the first half alone. Tottenham ended up losing 1-4.

“It’s healthy competition,” said Emerson, who stood above POW. “It’s always in football. I do, and POW wants to play too. The important thing is that a team needs good players, and they need all the players ahead of a big tournament.” “The match against Man City was my best game after joining Tottenham. Coach Conte’s trust gave me courage,” he said.

At the same time, he declared that he would definitely win the trophy this season.

Emerson said, “We must no longer have ups and downs. We must always focus on the pitch. Winning the league is virtually impossible. First of all, we will fight to qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season.” “I’m aiming to win the title. The FA Cup remains, and there’s the Champions League. I’ll do my best to help Tottenham win the title.”


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