Colin Bellho has a ‘thin possibility’… The only hope for a big win against Germany

There is a possibility.

The women’s soccer team led by coach Colin Bell lost 0-1 in the second leg of Group H of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup group stage against Morocco held at Hindmarsh Stadium in Adelaide, Australia on the 30th. The national team, which lost 0-2 against Colombia on the 25th, fell into a swamp of two consecutive losses in the tournament. Starting from the Round of 16 in the 2015 Canadian Tournament, only in the World Cup, they have lost six consecutive matches.안전놀이터

With two consecutive losses, hopes for the round of 16 virtually disappeared. The only case was that Germany lost to Colombia and South Korea won against Germany in the final game.

Colombia won 2-1 against Germany in the group stage, giving Korea a glimmer of hope. However, they are still at a disadvantage in terms of goal difference. Korea, who failed to score a single goal in this tournament, is recording a goal loss of -3. Germany +5, Morocco -5. South Korea needs to beat Germany by 5 goals and Morocco lose to Colombia to advance to the round of 16 as second in the group. If Korea wins by 4 goals in the final game, the goal difference is the same as Germany at +1, but they are eliminated due to the high score.

Although the conditions are unfavorable, Korea has to pour everything in the final game against Germany on August 3rd.


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