Coach Lee Si-woo’s encouragement “You can do it, Jinyoung”

Ko Jin-young (28) returned with a solid swing and defended the LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s World Championship title.

She took her 13th win on the LPGA Tour with a win in Singapore last year, and 14 wins in one year. At this tournament in Sentosa, Singapore, Jinyoung Ko has almost recovered her swing of her prime.

Ko Jin-young took 56 driver shots in four days and her average distance was 243 yards, and she landed 40 in the fairway for a 71.4% accuracy rate. His putts per round were outstanding at 29 and his green hit rate (GIR) was excellent at 88% at 64 out of 72. He fell into a bunker only once and his sand save was 100%.

Coach Lee Si-woo was a big help behind the victory, such as sophisticated iron shots that attacked the pins like a computer and sharp putts. Ko Jin-young visited Coach Lee Si-woo again after finishing the BMW Ladies Championship last year.

Ko Jin-young, An Ji-hyun, and Kim Su-ji [Picture = Courtesy of Coach Lee Si-woo] In the field training in Vietnam, Park Hyun-kyung, Ahn Ji-hyun, Kim Su-ji and other juniors worked hard to regain a powerful swing using the old solid axis. 온라인카지노

Swing coach Lee Si-woo, who led rehabilitation and swing correction in Vietnam for the past three months ahead of this tournament, said, “There were many changes in my swing before and after advancing to the US, and I am changing the pattern little by little.” It was a movement or a phenomenon in which rotation was lacking in the twist of the backswing, but this training focused on the big axis and rotation.”

On the first day of last year’s BMW Ladies, we analyzed what was fixed in Ko Jin-young’s shot through the driver’s shot at the first hole. Prior to the Singapore tournament, Coach Lee said, “Pay attention to the fact that he hit under par on all four days of the tournament in Thailand,” and added that he gave the following advice after winning the championship. “Professor Jinyoung Ko told me this because he was mentally depressed as well as technically. It’s a bit childish, though. It’s not ‘I can do it’, it’s ‘I can do it’~”

Takeaway: I had to center my torso and send the club, but sometimes the point pushed up together led to a miss shot.

Backswing: As the body and arms are connected as one axis, you need to lift the club to accumulate strength. The problem of the arm and body being separated has been corrected.


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